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I don't disagree with you, K9. I listen to rap, gangsta rap (gangsta rap and rap are 2 TOTALLY different things), hip hop, rnb, I dress up casually wherever I go, similar to what Don would, I play LOTS of online games, and console. Yet, I tend to make friends with people who share elements of my interests.

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I don't belong to a certain social group. I can socialize with almost anybody regardless of the differences between us.

I like to wear hoodies, large & sports type T-shirts, baggy jeans, rapper-type shoes ... I feel very confortable in them, I don't like constraints.

As for music, I prefer Underground ( Undie ) Rap, I do enjoy some gangsta rap songs, but only few of them, and those are the clasic ones ... Other than those 4 or 5 songs I enjoy, I consider gangsta ©rap the shitties thing on Earth, nothing good comes from it, same goes to many genres of music. I also like the GTA and FIFA soundtracks, some reggae songs and that's it.

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Scene, I like high fashion on days that I don't have school and after school. I don't like skinny jeans though, I prefer normal jeans , I don't like baggy either. I would wear skinny more often than baggy though. Store I shop at quite a few times is Primark, Topman etc. Does that roughly explain?

If it's not scene then it's normal.

You wouldn't see me dead in Primark or Topman lol.. I shop at JD, JJB, Sports Direct etc. I only really shop at sporty stores but if I wanted boxers or socks I would go to George or Sports Direct. :awesome: I get my shoes from Foot Locker or JD.

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Nissan_Skyline_GTR_R34, I must say.... You by far made me lol the most off of a single post. First off, you come here all high and mighty acting like a skater, and then right away you have to explain that you're such a true skater by saying you went to Zumiez the other day. Dude, tell me one chill local good skater that actually goes into shitty Zumiez, instead of a local shop.

But hey, I could care less about that. YOU POSTED A PICTURE OF YOU SUPPOSEDLY SKATING SO OF COURSE THAT'S YOU AND YOU'RE NOT LYING. Hmm, so decent picture. What camera and lens are you using, oh and where are you skating at? Oh yeah, why the hell would I be asking you this when this picture isn't even of you. Look at the second picture on this page.

Wow, I didn't know you're Ryan Sheckler.

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Nissan_Skyline_GTR_R34 - OOPS!

L-RiC's had a shot of my style on SR2. When I'm not dressed like a giant hotdog beating people, my main character

looks a lot like me (no, not the chick!). Long hair, backwards leather driving cap & Hawaiian shirts. Anyone who does

co-op w/ me in Saint's Row 2 will see it.

Musically my tastes vary w/ my mood although I'm just not into rap or country. Ironic for a redneck in the hood.

I used to skate back in the '70s, realized I was too big & quit while I still had knees. Graduated to big blocks & fast

Kawasakis ('75 H1 triple, '75 Z1. Both insanely fast).

My female character in SR2 is a metalhead stripper who likes kittens & long walks. No, you can't date her.

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UO - You're a champion.

Me? I'm in the "normal" group I suppose. If anything I'm probably what people call a "metro". I wear bright shirts and gel my hair.... thus I'm metro... apparently. Then I go and ruin it all by listening to Hard Metal/Death Metal such as Sepultura, Atreyu, Hatebeed, Metallica etc. So I guess I could be in the "other" category too. Meh.. I voted "normal" and I'm going to stick to it.

....My mother says I'm special!!

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