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A turtle rapes a shoe.


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I was about to say none and point out how only one person realised it's a tortoise and not a turtle.

I was about to reference Wikipedia for lulz and then realised there are actual geographic differences in which countries call what species what... apparently in America it's "turtle" or "sea turtle", and "tortoise" is only ever used to refer to members of the true tortoise family, as opposed to all land dwelling turtles, as in British and Australian English.

There's some random turtle/tortoise knowledge for you!

Very hilarious but old video. I like it though.

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Aw, who's a cute little rapist? Yes, you are!





What's worse -

That someone spent two minutes taping this?

That someone spent two minutes posting this?

That we wasted two minutes watching this?

Or the best response I had was a half-assed Pokemon joke?

I'd love to see the offspring of Squirtle and Shoe.

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I probably would have filmed Trevor (old tortoise) doing that, I find it hilarious. Tortoises are pretty funny though, Ethel climbed up the bark in a tank and got stuck between the bark and the wall of the tank, all I could see were her little legs waving about. I did save her but it was still pretty cute. She also gets stuck in corners of the house, she tries to move away but then gets stuck and falls asleep.

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