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Let's make a bet!


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I'm bored. So I'll make a bet against everyone who thinks otherwise that GTA V will not be set in Vice City! Seeing as that's what most of you believe, I think it's a bet that would be considered as having low odds, eh? God my new found gambling habbits...

Anyway, if my bet looses and it is set in Vice City. I will allow you ALL to send me 1 private message of abuse and face-rubbing. Hehe, being adventurous is fun. :P

I really think I should get something if I win, though. Hmm...

This is being posted in other GTA Forums too except GTAG (my own. I can't have masses of PM's sent to me there, my inbox there is just too important!). So I'd really hate to loose this bet!

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I read what you posted on the other site. Idk. If R* DID make another game involving San Andreas or Vice City, I'm sure they would stick to the RAGE engine. But I think V should have it's on independence in the series, like IV did. I mean, IV was a COMPLETE overhaul. Back to the main topic: If they do want to revamp an old city, I think Vice City would be the only smart choice, considering San Andreas isn't that old, and it's quite a large enviornment to revamp with a new game engine and everything. But I'd like to see a new city that we've never seen. Let's go Grand Theft Auto: Boston! :P

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I wouldn't be too fussed with Vice City although I would be a little dissapointed, I just want a 70s theme to come around, which would be good. For me how they did LC was magnificent, the only problem is now they have to keep that standard and improve it, there were a lot of good things about IV but also a few bad things. I want to see more clothe shops and also the car modifications.

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I do agree about the clothes shops and car modifications, I completely missed the latter.

I think they should have more clothes shops depending on the part of the city - where ever this city is set - if it's near a beach then the shop should sell Swimwear, shorts, sunshades and caps. If the shop is in a Chinese part of the city then they should sell Chinese clothing. I don't like what they did in San Andreas, there were 6 different clothes shops selling the same things across the state whereas if you look at clothes shops here in the UK, some shops in Edinburgh have different things to the same brand in London, Glasgow and Newcastle. I know it's a GTA game, a crime game but I liked the format that they had put in GTA San Andreas - diverse clothing, modifications for vehicles, real estate (more Vice City) and so on.

As for car modifications, I don't think they should go as far as San Andreas with this but only limit the Mod shops to several features per car such as Nitrous, colour change and car body changes (i.e. side vents, spoilers and so on).

I would like to see a feature like real estate where you buy something and so missions from there just like in Vice City but to a smaller extent.

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I think the reason they called it 4, is because 3, vc and sa all used renderware. 4 uses a new engine, and is an evolution of the formula. This paves the way for the next 2 games to have names based on locations.


Gta1 - Libery City, Vice City, San andreas.

GTA2 - future LC


VC - Vice City

SA - San andreas

IV - Liberty City.

The natural follow up to an LC based game is Vice city.


Although it is unlikely that they will release another game with a VC/SA engine, it's not an impossibility.

Yes it is.

And taking this new thought into place, it's no longer a ridiculous thought.

Yes it is.

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Anyone ever seen the UK series Life On Mars?

That would be a good 70s theme.

Yeah I loved life on mars, loved the cars and the clothing, but that was set in Manchester, I only see London as a possible UK location, nothing else. Would still be good to see London in the 70s, but it wouldn't be the same as if it were set in the noughties.

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