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San Andreas Given AO Rating!


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What a busy day for GTA news it's been today, this is the 4th post I'm writing and the most shocking.

A press release by Take Two Interactive has informed us that GTA San Andreas will now be made with an AO rating.

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO) announced today that the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has changed the rating of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on all platforms from "Mature 17+" (M) to "Adults Only 18+" (AO) because of the so-called "hot coffee mod," an unauthorized third party modification that alters the retail version of the game. Take-Two cooperated fully with the ESRB's investigation.

Rockstar have now stopped making the current version of the game and are working on making the game more secure (from game 'hackers').

Rockstar Games has ceased manufacturing of the current version of the title and will begin working on a version of the game with enhanced security to prevent the "hot coffee" modifications. This version will retain the original ESRB M-rating and is expected to be available during the Company's fourth fiscal quarter. Rockstar Games will be providing AO labels for retailers who wish to continue to sell the current version of the title.

Rockstar are going to be releasing a patch shortly to render the Hot Coffee useless.

I myself can't see the patch getting many downloads at all

"Only In America" - The only appropriate phrase I could think of. And just to clear something up this is only in America, every other country doesn't need to worry, it's rated 18 already in the UK anyway.

View the full press release here.

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Knowing R*'s history of patches, they'll put the hot coffee fix into a patch with other fixes and call it 1.1. 1.1 will fix many problems with San Andreas like crashes and texture corruption, yet the patch will also fix hot coffee. So if you want to fix the problems, you have to get the patch, but the downside is the patch removes hot coffee. I am just guessing this, but there's a 90% chance it's true.

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:wtf: Ok this is fucking bull shit... The day i get ,ym comp upgraded so it can play san andreas for pc they give it the ao rating ...this is crule and uneeded punishment ....as you all know how much trouble ive had trying to get it to work.... :'( Edited by Lionel
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:wtf:  Ok this is fucking bull shit...    The day i get ,y comp upgraded so it can play san andreas for pc  they giv eit the ao rating ...this is crule and uneeded punishment ....as you all  know how much trouble ive had trying to get it to work.... :'(

Hey, fool, It's not happening overnight, although theyve stopped production it doesn't mean game retailers can't still sell the M rated copies they still have in stock. Go out and get it quick!

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Well, for you you have the collection edition congratulations, I "got" it the fast way, wanted to go and buy it in the USA but a lot of stuff happened and now theres no way I can get the original edition (not that I care about sex scenes but I wanted the original edition just like R* released it), I think is really shit, the hot coffee is just clothed people doing some scenes, nothing spectacular, besides you knew the game was not for kids and I was happy with the M rating since I am 20 years old and I can buy anything I want, but now that Walmart and gamestop are going to remove the original edition I wouldnot get it, I might still get the patched version but is not the same.

Well, this is take the big game that causes the most controversy, come on if you are the parent of a kid with SA you know what to expect so dont buy it for him, simple as that, but they are affecting the 18+ gamers too because they cant find a game intended for 17+ people anywhere now, they are actually affecting the market for what SA is intended, and just by a year of difference, if it was 21+ then I would understand but 1 year? come on, how much mature can you be a year later, does that makes some difference? and yet you kill a very popular game with less mature things than the said God of War.

Now I wish I would have made that trip to get it, but is just a game and I have it and I will get the new version of the game (to be release between august and october according to gamespot), but it wil mean a big loss for Take Two and I dont know what it will do to the next GTA game (in case theres is a next GTA game )

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I hope PatrickW is feeling good for himself. We can't blame him really, he had an opportunity to unlock something funny ingame which had been censored for a reason - you couldn't really expect us all to ignore it. 1.2 million downloads on GTA Garage proves that I think. But look at the damage its cased:

Take 2 shares fell 11% last night

Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy have removed the game from their shelves, as they make a policy of not stocking AO games.

Parents will further despise the series, and not let their kids have it

A victory for worried mothers is NEVER a good thing, they have the upper hand and they will now try harder to take over our lives

However, i dont think this will massively affect us. Its already 18 rated here in the UK, and we all have it. Maybe its because the BBFC give out 18 ratings a lot more easily, that our parents are willing to let it slip a bit. Maybe in the US parents take the ESRBs ratings more seriously.

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Wait wait wait... Back this up. This means now instead of being 17 you have to be 18? PLEASE will someone explain to me what good that did? All the fuss to change it.... By one year age limit. WTF!?

God bless this man, who understands that even if a god dam 11 year old plays it anyway, well his dad bought it for him, they make it 17+ which stores don't give a shit anyways, they make it how many years up? 18, so maybe the morons don't understand that guess what, Rockstar, got screwed over. There goes all the sales now out the window. They like attacking GTA. Look, I can list a number of games that deserve an AO rating right here: The Sims 2 with nude patches, Manhunt, God of War which INCLUDES sex, True Crime for a lame game, and the list goes on.

Ok lemme give you an example. The Sims 2, there are probably dozens of nude patches which takes the censor off. Now look at GTA, it was censored, you couldn't see it, but they make a mod, and for an unrelated-Rockstar making, the game get's an AO, one day Patrick might find himself sleeping with the fishies!

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