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I miss you guys :)


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Hey our only Singaporean member (probably) has returned! :)

Heh i'm not sure if this is a return for me :innocent:

This is a GTA forum, it seems like i aren't got any time to play GTA, i've completed the PS2 GTA SA shortly after it was released, at least not over 2 months :P.

I got the PC version but it's so bored having to play all over again.

As for that, no point for me to stay here and discuss anything more about GTA :P

But :gappy: (oh this smiley, we used it always last time haha), i guess i will post more 'often' abit since this is actually one of the biggest communites i've joined, 3 - 4years ago ! And i missed those days when i would come here every time i logged onto the computer to post.

And hey, 888ball, chris82, miller, spas, chris (now pyr0xide ?) :) Long time no see :drool:

And smallpanky, i won't forget you :w00t: I remember your website.

Lastly, i miss GTA 1 and GTA 2 too :P

Hehe i started playing GTA 1 when i was only 8yr old and i remembered always flying over the half-bridge (the one with a hole in the middle) with ambulance :P Thinking of those days is really making me the urge to play GTA 1 PS version.

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