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Favourite Song On Vice City

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Foreigner: I want to know what love is or Waiting for a girl like you.

Twisted sister: I wanna rock.

Michael Jackson: Billie Jean, Wanna be startin' Somethin'

Laura Branigan: Self Control.

Hall & Oates: Out of touch.

Go west: Call me.

Are the Best

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This is old, but still a common question, I don't know about my own favorite as I agree with this one being the first A+ licensing attempt in any GTA game at the time. It's also somewhat a watershed benchmark for any and all games, adding celebrity DJs was also a master stroke by Rockstar.


Kate Bush selection is ethereal in nature, and I like it a lot, she was discovered by Mr. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd too!

Check this out, it's a MUST for PF fans and who enjoyed VC with Kate as well...



Having Debbie Harry and Blondie in the same game, also an A+ move as it was to get Phil Collins to contribute, we've said a few times.

The Rock and Metal are first class, and as for jazz, oddly lacking given Sam Houser's father's background, I think GTA IV had the best jazz for GTA basically of all of them

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The Public Radio funding drive was very familiar to me, supporting KFAI radio in Minneapolis for a number of years, it was very much the case where you have to plead for people to see the value they're getting in commercial free radio, in the modern day of "free Internet", downloaded MP3s, etc

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Ok, this is impossible.

Favourite song on Wildstyle: Run-D.M.C. - Rock Box

Favourite song on Flash FM: 3 way tie between 99 Red Balloons, Out of Touch, and One Thing Leads to Another.

Favourite song on Fever 105: Act Like You Know

Favourite song on V-Rock: You Got Another Thing Comin'

Favourite song on Esperanto: Mama Papa Tu

Favourite song on Emotion 98.3: either Crockett's Theme or Tempted

Favourite song on Wave 103: Obsession

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