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What are you currently playing?


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2 games currently - bit odd but I am:

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. It's a classic game, and it was my first Playstation game I was given. I'm trying to get 100% from my previous save that's, like, 6 years old.

Deal or No Deal Mobile - When Crash loads, or there's a cutscene, I play a bit of DOND on my mobile, I bought it the other day for about £3. It's great for a game between your parents as well, you could set up bets and earn a bit of cash.

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Ok, so i can;t be assed to find a more suitable topic for this to go in.

Today, after 7 months of us being together, my GF asks me 'So, what do guys... like...actually do...?' And i was like... 'Well, talk about shit, like, chicks, cars, video games.. that kinda crap...' Them she went ' I never really got the whole fuss about video games... what makes them so great?' After this, she insisted that she played. I figured I'd give her the hardest game I know to play. F.E.A.R. Then, i though that was a little harsh, so i toned it down to considering GTA. But then, i thought she wouldn't willingly kill another person. So i tricked her into it by making her play Half Life 2.

Her verdict(s):

1. 'Why are those people hitting me?'

2. 'This guy's too fat, he can't even fit through the fucking door!' (She was actually just walking into the door frames)

3. 'Neil, help me....'

4. 'AAAAAHHHH!!!! *gunshots* *screams* *screen goes red* *turns and sulks on my shoulder*

5. The funnest part was throwing the cans at the people in the station.

6. Where do i go?

7. AWWW, it's so cute! I want to pick one up and take it home! OH MY GOD! (Yeah, she walked right up to a friggin' headcrab and it killed her. Smooth.)

^ Just a small selection of what she said / did whilst playing.

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Just tore through GUN, at the last showdown w/ Magruder. Bulletproof prick!

Yes you can scalp, sorry no reward.

Yes you can kill the horses, no I didn't try to scalp the horse.

Hold off on "hunting" side missions until you complete your jailbreak & get a bow & arrows. Your kills are worth more.

You don't need to limit yourself to bow & arrow for the bear, in fact it's a bad idea.

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