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25 to life loaded & plays, the graphics look kinda like GUN. It's okay for a cheap game, but doesn't support a PS2 style

Controller (WTF!?!?) & seems to be on foot all the time.

Mainly playing Scarface: TWIY, just hit rep level 7 & still in Little Havana.

Still keep UT: Game of the Year loaded up for really bad days.

Violent video games are therapeutic for me.

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Pro Evo 2008 still, starting to build up my perfect squad again. I sort of cheated to do it though, at the end of the season I lowered the difficulty and everything else to the lowest level in order to get them. I love the Playlist editor and the Track Record thing, I'm using some of the old PES songs for a few of the modes, and I always keep an eye on the Track Record thing to see how I'm doing. I think I have about 93.3% wins after 100 odd games on Professional, which is decent. :D

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