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whats yer worst injuries

What your worst injury?  

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  1. 1. So, what is it?

    • Broken leg
    • Broken arm
    • Deep gash
    • Memotoma [bump full of blood]
    • Coma
    • Convulsion
    • Other

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Deep gash for me, although I've also broken both arms (separately).

In Art at school we'd filled 500ml bottles (coke, pepsi, tango etc) with plaster, left them to set, and then cut away the plastic bottle with a scalpel, leaving the plaster case of the bottle which we'd paint and do stuff with.

My bottle was a thick curvy Fanta bottle, and my scalpel was a bit too blunt. I was pushing really hard... and slipped. Scalpel went straight down my forefinger of the hand I was holding the bottle with, and got stuck in the bone on the side of my knuckle. Funny thing is it didn't really hurt, and I kinda became kinda dazed - felt like some kind of bodily self-defence pain-prevention mechanism kicking in.

I just walked to the other end of the classroom, bleeding absolutely everywhere, and was rushed to hospital by the overenthusiastic teacher. Sad thing was she was really scared she was gonna lose her job from letting kids loose with scalpels and one getting injured.

All i'm left with is a little scar where the scalpel got stuck, the rest of the finger healed over pretty quickly.

And it still works :D

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The worst for me was a veggie chopper blade. I picked up the veggie chopper, took off the cup thingie from the bottom and hit the button to turn it on. The blade flew out and stuck vertically in my foot. We pulled it out and it bled for hours. Probably should have hat stitches, but oh well. Interesting thing is, we couldn't get it to heal for anything. Turns out, I kept the cut too clean.

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I was riding a bike and racing with my friends, so we were going very fast. And then suddenly, I hit something. I dunno was it a rock or a plank, just that my front wheel turned for a 90 degrees within half a second. So I just dived into the air, fell onto a concrete, and traveled another 2 meters, leading with my chin, 2 elbows, and 2 knees. My elbows and knees had no skin left and you could easily see some flesh. But my chin was mostly damaged. I've had a hole in it, and as I stood up, I've seen pieces of my own flesh lying on the floor.

I couldn't move my arms or legs for weeks, and I've got one stich on my chin. It was kinda plastidc operation to shorten my chin.

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I busted my lip to, butt I was runing and hit a pole like fence, thingy. Didn't know that my lip had a hole truch it till my friend stared at me like I was a ... zomby or something weird. Did not believe ite when he said that there was a hole, but owell. everything is fine now :) Only have a scar -_-

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^lol how did that happen?

i got hit by a car at 62 mph but i managed to get back up and walk home....

going so fast on my bike,fell on rocks, and now i have 6 rocks the size of a cherry under my Knee Cap....

snowboarding and fell and i heard by neck,back,wriste, and my foot crack and see my feet twitch(snowboard bindings BROKE off)

on a speed boat and i fell off of it at 57 km and hitting my head on the side....

at a BMX track and i jumped a table top and then i hit arock landing and i did a FACE PLANT....

at home and i fell down and i fell onto my PS2(GTA SA inside) and i got a black eye...

getting ZAPPED by an electrical cord and my hair looked like a pineapple(pointy)...

i really have bad luck...and talk about 666

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Was jumping up and down on the bed... BUMP... I hit my head on the fan. After i fell on to the dresser and hit a picture frame and broke it. After that i fell on the floor face first. I was limping towards the stairs.. and what do you know.. i fall down the stairs. I could not get up. I passed out. Turns out i was ok. No broken bones or anything.

I had only 32 stitches on my forehead. And had rug burns ALL over my body. :'(

Now thats a story.. :gappy:

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there were 2 wires in the wall (one white one black) and my frend sed it tickles wen they both tuch u but im not a dumbass so i sed 4 him 2 try it. he put his finger on the input but secretly had the back of his finger OFF the output. then he started giggling as if it tickled. so i tryed it (back in the days wen i had LONG hair) and i remember feeling this strang feeling like a tazer drilled into my heart that hert so bad and seeing a bright blue light...........anyway i opend my eyes a second later, cudnt feel a thing, the lights where out, (i blew the power) i looked down and saw my entire body shaking. my frend showed me this pic on his fone, i thot it wuz sum1 els but no it was me. every hair on my head was as strait as a ruler. so i just laid there until i cud feel myself

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I was playing baseball on my high school team one day and I pulled my rotator cuff muscle while swinging at bat. I think it was because the night before I was playing softball with my family at a party, and you know how you have to swing hard to get a heavy softball. So I think when I was playing baseball the next day, I was still in the "swing hard" mood, and I swung too hard and pull my muscle.

It was extremely painful... the most pain I've ever had. I couldn't move my right leg at all, because the rotator cuff muscle moves about the hip, and it moves when your leg moves. I was transported off the field in a gator cart, and then into the car to the ER. I had to sit there in a wheelchair for like two hours before I was attended to. I had to have X-Rays, and that was hard because they had to move my leg in different positions for different shots. Talk about pain!

I was on crutches for two weeks, and I couldn't go up stairs, so I had to live on the other side of the house on the first floor. After a week, I was off the crutches but it took another week to heal completely.

Worst thing about this injury was that it ruined my sports carrer... I was never the same. I couldn't swing with the same power and contact as I had before. It was different. My muscle was confining me. It also affected me on the soccer field... my kicking leg. I lost the touch.

Oh well.

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Funny thing is it didn't really hurt, and I kinda became kinda dazed - felt like some kind of bodily self-defence pain-prevention mechanism kicking in.

I can relate to that. It was about 10:30pm and I was outside fooling around with my dogs, and although I lost my balance on the black ice moments earlier, that didn't stop me from running around like an idiot.

I slipped and hit my chin on the edge of a square paver. It was one of those 'shit what happened' moments when I got up. I felt my chin and I could feel the skin slit apart. It didn't hurt thankfully, but a lot of blood came out of there. I left a trail of blood all the way to the car. Was fun. :)

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lol... i got a few

Was waiting for the bus to go home in Jr. High... so me an a few friends were playing "Smear The Queer". I got tackled and put my left hand behind me to break my fall... too bad I broke my wrist... had a cast for a few days.

Just about a year ago I was on my skateboard and my friend pushed me off... I landed on the side of my wrist... breaking it again. Had to have surgery on it this time. Had 2 fat ass needles in my wrist for 4 months.

Was at my old job workin at a grocery store... and I was cutting a box open... the box cutter slipped and cut the shit outta my left thumb... had about 6 stiches in there.

Also... my dads a cop and shot me with his tazer gun to wake me up... mother ####er.

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i compound fractured my ankle. it was discusting. i accidentally got my leg stuck between the train and the platform in the subway in tokyo. then the train started going and i felt it crack and could do nothing about it until it twisted around and i got it out, but by then my bone had already been about 3 inches farther out than it should have. but that was like 5 years ago and now my ankle bone is super strong. and also i had a small convulsion once. it was because of some reaction to the environment, i dont remember what it was because this was a long time ago, but i remember it happened. ive almost blown my hand off making me own fireworks many times too.

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