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Do you tink we will see Tommy in VCS?

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You sorta messed that quote up. Here is what Lance said exactly...its pretty much what you said but what ever.

" Hey, I'v been asking around, It's obvious that Diaz jumped the deal and iced my brother."

Where was he getting the info from? He could have been making that up. How was it obvious that Diaz f***ed everything up? Even if Diaz was the one that set up the ambush, he didnt personally "ice" Victor. The way Lance said it, it sounded as if Lance thought Diaz was there and shot Victor himself. I'm still leaning towards the whole idea that Lance set the whole thing up.

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Me too, man me too. But I doubt we will see him VCS, maybe something later like SAS (if they ever make that which I think they will somehow they will get that huge ass game to fit on that tiny PSP). Until then we can only wait to see the famed (and my favourite character) Tommy Vercetti again, I hope.

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maybe tommy could be a easter egg that you could see in a jail cell 24/7 in a really hard to get into prison and hard to find jail cell. and hell like talk to you and ramble on about stuff in a quiet voice.

Don't you ever call me a punk


go to low bandwith section, its all just writing, the link is at the bottom of the page.

I wasnt calling u a punk blind fool. I called the vance bros punks.

you idiot, his name is victor vance, he was joking.

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