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Post pictures of yourself v2.0


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*Hands a paper and a pencil to Panopicton*

You fellas know what I mean :mellow:


Silb: Sarge, shal I shoot, or take a picture?"

Sarge: Shoot god dammit!!"

Silb: Picture?

Groovy, thanks.

Sarge: Shoot son of a...!

[Rest is censored]


Bleh...Its hard to take a pic of yourself and a dog...I'm to the left, by the way o.o

If anyone wants to see Jerry:


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Me ollieng over a small wall.

Not such a great trick I know but I was testing how this 12 Frame Image looked.

Isn't that more of an OFF a wall thing, not OVER? Looks like a ledge. Maybe I'm seeing it wrong.

Called picture blash or something. It's pretty cool for these action things.

It probably has a lot of names. My cell phone does it, I do believe. Not 12 photos, though.

How can you keep your feet on the skate when you jump?

You aren't keeping your feet on the board as much as keeping the board on your feet. When you ollie, you're just jumping and popping the board in the air at the same time. Then your front foot pushes the front of the board even, so you land flat. In a quick motion, it does look like the board is stuck to your feet.

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