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Post pictures of yourself v2.0


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Here is a picture of me at work.


What! You thought I was going to show a picture of me, no way, you would have poked fun at my emo hair (I'm not emo BTW)

Anyway guys you got really good pictures.

Thats a classic, keep up the good pictures!

I'd post some photos of me but I've started to take on a more anonymous appearance on forums (reason for the username change) But after a while I'll post a few.

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It was a joke I made with MS Paint, I used that software because the crappy free-form select tool makes the picture look more funny.

The image is of a very well known attroney (And we can all guess who that is) and the gorilla in my avatar, looking at its headshape I think the gorilla might be a female.

Here is a picture of me at the local brothel :D



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Wow, you remind me SO MUCH of Dennis and his gf, it's like, very similar :blink:

Me getting ready for a fancy dress. I was going as Marie Antionette and I have been beheaded already :DPHOT0063.jpg


Ok screw it, I decided to post some pictures.

From holiday in Egypt:



Oh and by the way, is my Fallen Clyro signature huge or the same size as it was when it read Mpilk?

I dunno.

Oh and do you straighten your hair? It's like, overwhelming smooth and silky... no offence by the way I was just wondering :P

Oh and we actually do have another girl there, I've been away from the forums so long I didn't even notice, well, at least it proves I haven't been womanising :P

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I dunno.

Oh and do you straighten your hair? It's like, overwhelming smooth and silky... no offence by the way I was just wondering tongue.gif

None taken. No I don't straighten my hair but I will sometimes use a hair dryer because it stays wet for aaaaages and the hot air makes it dry when its straight so erm yeh you get the point.

I also apologise for my extremely cheesy grins.

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Thank goodness for girls like Rainbow Bear and Chestnut who pose decent, tasteful pictures.

Kudos to you wonderful ladies.

Fine i will post my picture just so it;s not considered "spam"


All females are required to take a picture of themself holding a piece of paper with their name on it or they don't exist.

You never know what the photo is for, Mpilk. I mean, the recent one I just posted was for a project which required to be in a mirror. It was for some "reflections" of your life or something. And yeah, I know I have another one or two around here, but meh, if it bothers you don't look.

I wasn't aiming that at you and I said ones with huge white flash annoy me. Your one is good quality and looks nice.

Edit: Ok, just so everybody knows, when I said "I think it's a bit lame to take photos of yourself at home..." I meant that I thought it was lame to take loads of photos of yourself all serious and trying to act cool in front of the camera.

For example, somebody who I know on facebook has a photo of himself sitting on a chair with no shirt on, holding a guitar, the most boring expression on his face and wearing sunglasses inside when it's very dark. He was not even playing the guitar as he is looking at his computer screen for the display of the webcam and his hands are not holding any frets in particular.

If you took the photo to simply show people what you looked like, or to show your new house etc then that is also fine IMO unless it's like something on what I posted above.

Photos like Sky's, K9 Krew and Stephie 077 are all perfecty fine and I'm sorry if I have insulted anybody, it was not my intention to do so. The reason I said that was after looking at other people's photos on a different page. I have also taken photos of myself at home but I wasn't trying to act cool or impress anybody like other people I've seen have done, I don't care what other people think about me, I just act myself.

It's lamer to take a generic picture of themself on a skateboard or with a boring expression on their face at a beach.


There's a picture of me "in my house being serious and trying to act cool."

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