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Post pictures of yourself v2.0


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Here's one of me B)

I was being hugged by one of my friends at school :lol: My friend took the pic ^^

my hair is a lot longer now, that was like 2-3 months ago..

honestly dude, with eyeliners, you look emo... >.<

i wonder what does your hair look if its longer now. In my school, its prohibited to have a long hair

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Lol I will NEVER be emo.

It's longer about 3-4CM's but I trimmed it yesterday and cut off about 2-2.5CM's. It's the style from where I am. I've seen others who have sideburns (whatever they're called) down to their stomach :ph34r: And no, my fringe does NOT cover my eyes :P

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Yeah. One of my friends that used to live in the Philippines (moved here 3 years ago) said that Emo haircuts are really popular there right now (??)

Lol it's still a work in progress. My sideburns must be down to my neck and my fringe must go down my face! Not my eyes..

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Me and the Hannah


Oldskewl Pornstar Pose at the beach with the Leo(I'm on the left)




Shannon...I like poking her.


I'm an angry person


Trolley Fun


Big night on drugs...and the morning after


Rollin in my Benz




Yeah what?


Pretty stoned


I'm the one pissing.


My boys.


Trees are pretty fun....while high

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It's horrible.

I'm just about sick with your pointless posts. I think you'll find some of our most respected members are young. You just spam up the place and don't contribute to conversations at all. Just shut the fuck up and stop acting like you own this place.

Killajo, I haven't seen you post around here before so welcome from me to the TGTAP. You'll have to ignore ignorant fucks like osiris, unfortunetaly it's hard when posting on a forum.

Please stray from spamming etc and remember to stay active and have a good time!

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