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Yaaaaaaaa hoooo~ Feels great to be back sometimes


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sure m8.

i'm all fine, you guys? aha dragon sealths is still alive

For fun -

IIRC i joined Chris in his free ad-supported forums like 3 - 4 years back and i was a moderator for VC lol!

I think it was his first one.

Oh by the way i guess i SHOULD be active for awhile erm when GTA4 releases for PC but you bet i would drop by any when and then like usual as what i'm doing now.

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I thought you were leaving Spaz.

Smartboy isn't this your 3rd or 4th "I'm back!" topic? This isn't just a deja'vu.

I was. Multiple times. Chris askes me not to leave. Everytime. I think by now I should just not bother trying to leave anymore. Apparently it isn't possible >.>

I remember like 1 or 2 I'm Back topics from him.

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