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PS3 OR 360

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Iam in a bit of a pickle here, Iam not sure whether to buy GTA4 on the PS3 or the XBOX360. The reason why is because I hear that the 360 is gonna have periodic down-loadable content for the game, and PS3 isnt.The up side of buying it on the PS3 is the graphics, but what do I really want? better graphics or downloadable content. If this content is anything like the mods you can install on the pc version of GTASA, then iam deffinetlly buying it on the 360. ;)

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(1. There is already a poll on the main page of TGTAP.

(2. This is the wrong forum for this (Try GTA4)

(3. Go for the Xbox 360 version.

Well actually it is the right forum, this is GTA4 forum....

Well if i were you get it on PS3 cause it will be much easier to use and it will have better graphics as well as the 360.

Or buy it when it comes out on PC.

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personally id get it for ps3, because the online hub will be better than xboxes, despite the fact that there are loads of people on xbox live. Also, i am used to the controller on ps3 because ive used it for the last 5 years. I think the 360 version will be better, although im not prepared to buy one just for gta4. Im gonna get a ps3 when it comes out as i feel it has more to offer than xbox 360. Just my opinion though.

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Here's what's for certain about the XBox content:

At Microsofts's X06 Conference, Peter Moore, head of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business division announced that Rockstar Games is working on two downloadable packs for GTA IV exclusively on the Xbox 360, which will probably be available within months of the game's release date. Moore described the downloads as "epic episode packs", and not just an extra car or character. A press release during the conference said that the packs would add "hours of entirely new gameplay" to the game. Industry sources have said that the packs will be almost as long as Liberty City Stories.[7]. There have been no details on pricing of the downloads revealed.

Get it for XBox

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Well XBOX 360 is good, but PS3 is best only for games with high advanced graphics like GTAIV.

One issue with that. GTA has NEVER had advanced graphics. They all look good, but when compared to other games like Halo 2 and Forza Motorsport, they look like ass. And Pyronoodle, Spaz is right. Matters what they put on it. Just because you put Big Rigs on a Blu-Ray disc doesn't make it good.

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I'll be getting it for PS3 and there are already rumors abound that Sony are cooking up their own extra content deal. You don't honestly think they'll be upstaged by Microsoft do you!!!

Thats not gonna happen.

Alternativly, if (and i'm assuming you do) already have an xbox 360 then buy it for that and wait till the PS3 price comes down and then get it for that! I think that's called the best of both worlds.

Lets face facts though. The first xbox was absolute pants. That's why it's referred to as the shit box. I was impressed with the 360 but it's only a matter of time before Sony leaves it behind again.

PS3 any day...........


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Lets face facts though. The first xbox was absolute pants. That's why it's referred to as the shit box.

The "shit box"? :cry:

The only reason SA (i'm guessing) was worse on Xbox was because R* got rid of R* Vienna, the great people who ported GTA3 and VC to Xbox.

Get the 360 version if you have it; the PS3 version if you know for SURE you're gonna get it.

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