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Europe Moves To Kill The Internet


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The latest move to kill off online freedom and the spread of information comes in the form of proposed EU legislation that would prevent users from uploading any form of video, whether that be a hard hitting political documentary film or your friends goofing around with diet coke and Mentos.

A proposed EU directive could extend broadcasting regulations to the internet, hitting popular video-sharing websites such as YouTube., reports the London Times. This would mean that websites and mobile phone services that feature video images would have to conform to standards laid down in Brussels.

Personal websites would have to be licensed as a “television-like service”. Once again the reasoning behind such legislation is said to be in order to set minimum standards on areas such as hate speech and the protection of children.

In reality this directive would do nothing to protect children or prevent hate speech - unless you judge protecting children to be denying them access to anything that is not government regulated or you assume hate speech to be the criticism of government actions and policy.

Whilst it may not seem a great loss to some people that there would be no more home videos of "Girls snogging for fun" or "Bad Bus Driver", under such rules it would also be illegal throughout the entirety of Europe to upload and spread informative documentary films such as Alex Jones' Terror Storm, important activist tools which seek to expose the fraud behind the war on terror.

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Everything has to be politically correct nowadays. Might as well take away kitchen knives, as they can kill a human being. :rofl2:

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They should join the Citizens United to Negate Technology. "The internet is a highway to hell!"

the internet does not cause anyone to kill! who kills somebody because of a video game or a website! Do you want to kill someone because you play gta? No i dont think so! Its all self-Control! geez.

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I always like the answer that people where killing each other long before video games and the internet came along. Theyre a good few nutjobs who have killed in the name of religion but you don't see them trying to ban that.

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I can't see it happening. YouTube is a massive video company and if its to be shut down, they'll have to be paid millions in order to do so. Take into account all the other smaller video-uploading websites and you have a whole load of cash to be handed out. Theres absolutely no reason why this should happen, as smallpancake said, its another example of political correctness gone mad. Europe are afraid of using their cojones and are in the corner, slowly rocking backwards and forwards, hoping no-one confronts them about it.

If it DOES happen, it won't last.

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:erm: And if will happen.What you will do stanmding in front to see the internet blown away or do a revolution and stop this thing.

Well maybe being a Candidiate would hel, if you don't want to see the Internet Get blown away.

Back on topic, Internet can have one negative side, Untrusted Sites, like porn sites, Illegal sites, e.g Game cracking, Hacking.

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