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OK! This is one of the funniest/strage topic on ANY gta/game forum ive been on. First of all your too young to bo doing it in the first place. Second of all you get her pregnant your f***ed. You will growup in a trailer and always get in arguments and end up in a divorce. And this is not the Dr. Phil Forum :mellow: So why are you asking it here. Ask a friend or something. Not a random person over the internet you have never met in your intire life. /flame

I agree, my friend lost her virginity at that age. She had to have an abortion. I doubt anyone is ready at that age.


Don't. Condom breaks and you're f***ed. Both ways. Friend's done got is girlfriend pregnant and he's 15 and she's 14. :|

Plus, what's it matter to them if you've done it or not? They probably want some too if they care THAT much..

Put on 3 condoms for more duriblity :rolleyes:

This has been brought to you by Dr.Steven.

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From what Ive read so far on this topic, it seems like everybody is either too uncomfortable to talk about there experiences or just straight out hasnt had "it". If you really want to read about peoples experiences so that you can know what its like, there is tons of other web sites that have young people talk about there experiences in very graphic detail and how they felt afterwards. IMO, it doesnt seem like your going to get your answer here.

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thanks for the help guys........oh one of the girls in my class *cough* slut *cough* got pregnt and she had it and it died so yeah but im not planning to do it, i just wanted to know how you felt bout it, oh chris the legal age is 16 here..........and i cant wait for it.........2008 here i cum lol

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I don't think there's a legal age here. But I'm not sure. Holland almost permits everything... I think you can actually also f*** an animal here... sad.

Is animal sex illegal in any country?

No, Holland is famous for it's incredibly lax laws- disgusting as bestiality is, I would imagine the people there would frown upon it just as any normal person would, it's just there's no strict law against it there.

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I think I'm probably one of the oldest members here and I'm married.

You have to be ready for sex, I think 14 is too young but whatever you feel is right. As far as saying "my friends will make fun of me" that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Tell your girlfriend that's why you want to do it. Not because you "love" her, or care for her. See how far that gets you.

If you want to know what an orgasm feels like, then masturbate.

Every person I'm sure has different feelings about sex. If you want to learn more about it go to www.askmen.com or www.menshealth.com and read articles about sex. Or talk to girls about what they might like, etc.

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