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  1. There's not enough of us that do photography, therefore no point in dedicating a section for it. I'd keep it in the graphics and writers pad, it's where you can express your creativity.
  2. It's a fake. Don't trust anything like this, unless stated by a reliable source. Besides, I saw another list like this before, some games on their haven't even been announced. Also, I see Max Payne 3 on the list. Hopefully that's something to showcase.
  3. I'm keeping an eye out on this game, but hopefully it isn't like MW2.
  4. Oh man, this guy was such talent in the game. May he rest in peace.
  5. Awesome. Just registered. Website looks very classy, just like the game itself. Great work again Chris!
  6. Well, he has a point, as stated on the forum rules, you can't bump topics which are at least a month old. Let me reference you the topic: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/2-forum-rules/ You can though, bump them if you feel it's necessary. It's true though, forums are pretty inactive nowadays. And topics like these should hopefully return. But to be on the safe side, reply to recently posted topics or posts. Oh and before I forget, welcome to TGTAP GTAGal! Have a nice stay here.
  7. has not been visiting the forums lately.

  8. I don't really hate GTA, other than the stutter which happens when you're driving pretty fast, not so good. Everything else for me good enough.
  9. A nice prank Chris. I was like "Wha.." for a split second until I saw the message box at top. Heh, happy April Fools day everyone!
  10. I think now it's time to move on from CS3 and go to this. Looks pretty damn exciting if you ask me.
  11. I don't know about you guys, but recently the server's been crapping itself on me before the upgrade began. It feels way more quicker now, and each page I click which leads me to another page on this site is a lot more instant than it was before. Anyways, cheers for the heads up, Chris. Finally, a UK based server, not a foreign server.
  12. My mate at college loves dubstep. He's the only one that actually likes it out of all of my mates, but now I'm starting to like it. Nice tunes though, the second link is just fucking great. Cheers for the link.
  13. I can't argue with what you said, but games have to change, I guess. Sony's move may have surprised us, but I guess with the way gaming is now, they've benefited from it and made something like this, which yeah, is a shameless rip-off. Also, those whores who like HD are those who prefer nicer visuals, to those that are fairly outdated. Graphics are an important factor in games now, and what you can do with it is a magnificent result (If you're interested in game developing). I myself like graphics, and looking back at time, you can tell that it's been a successful ride for a lot of game developers making very good looking games. After all, graphics are part of the package, making it shit just puts people down, unfortunately. Some game developers are dependant on graphic games, not gameplay games. I think once someone sees the mistake that developer created, they will try to focus more on the fun side of stuff, the gameplay. The market can be big competition, that's why these companies are making stuff like this, so they can stand out more and sell, that's the point in Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.
  14. Games were toys back in the early days, but see how they've evolved into something a lot more bigger than just toys. These games now are full of realism, better interactivity, and so much more. It'd be a bit dumb to call them toys, but I know where you're coming from. Like Ivan said, I just can't see why they should be called toys, when so many of it has done greatly in the gaming world. Some of it's technology is now being used in other things as well (e.g. game engines being used in movies). Technology is rapidly changing, and so is the ideology of it, it changes games, and many other things now. You can't just call it toys. But that's just my 2 cent. Also, the motion controller does look like a big rip-off from the Wii controls, but then again, I doubt they were being creative in it's design. Nonetheless, lets see what can be done with this sort of thing.
  15. If you need your mod approved, then go to this topic by clicking here.
  16. I doubt something like this has anything to do with the next GTA. It was probably just new PC's inside a few box's, or some hardware, who knows. It's not like their going to place some information about the next GTA in a box. There's nothing important about that whatsoever, and even if it had the "V" on the box, it could of been something else.
  17. My mate said it was great. But for me, I've not exactly been stuck to it like other games. Ill give the demo a try, see what it's like.
  18. Is that even possible? It must have been, probably the date changed to a new day. That was probably the fix heh.
  19. Ha, I won an award which I'm fairly poor at doing. Funny enough, people voted me for best creative writing. Well thanks to those who did vote for me, I didn't do anything at all.
  20. If it was a month, I'd see more people buying the PS3 Slim. But yeah, good to see Sony have fixed the problem.
  21. So I'm a trophy whore if I care? Nah, I don't care about my trophy collection. But there's alot of music data along with a few video's I've placed in my HDD. Will it affect my HDD? Also I've already been on my PS3. I wasn't signed in, and nothing really happened at all, other than not signing in.
  22. Ah, I remember this topic. Full of some odd, funny memories.
  23. TM™

    Bad Company 2

    Controls are sort of odd, since I'm more use to clicking L3. I played it before, quite enjoyed playing the Rush Mode, similar to CoD's SnD mode. But to be honest, I'm not big fan of the game itself, but this seemed to be a great game for MP nonetheless.
  24. Because it's a very useful thread. It contains alot of useful FF information. It also improves your experience in web browsing, and has some great extensions to it.
  25. TM™

    Hey Noru, do you know what the password is to access LCF private forum? If you do remember (Which you should :P), send me a PM.


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