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  1. Yeah the SkateBoard was deleted Download SA weapons for VC and you'll see what it'll look like if there was a skateboard
  2. I said TOMMY would cry HE is a bloody MERCENARIE (talking about Claude) You guys are the empty shells Not claude That means he kills people for money He dosen't care who he kills, he wants money BTW Tommy got help from 3 other people Claude only got help from Catalina Oh yeah and I was calling you a newb Claude does know HOW to drive
  3. In Half-life 2 you can throw cans and bottles and milk cartoons and you can pick up paint cans and through them at ppl I liked in Half-life 2 the chapter we don't go thru Ravenholm Cuz you pick up bombs and blades and through them at the zombies see then get cut or get blown up
  4. Claude betrayed more then 10 ppl you newb The rest only one, except for Toni...
  5. Buzz off you twat... I didn't ask you for anything Tommy Vercetti was the pussy Claude Speed would practically waste Tommy What if Tommy was mute and Claude had Ray Liota I'd rip Tommys limbs off and laugh out hard at him EDIT:Ok, Now I'm pissed off.... Claude can kill anyone Tommy, if he was told to kill someone he liked, or to be killed himself. He'd sob in a corner for 10 f***ing hours Claude will kill ANYone, no matter what it takes I wish there would be a mission in GTAIV where you waste Tommy to Cat Litter
  6. People who hate Claude WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???!!! Your gonna PLAY as Claude not KILL him. Gta1,2 and 3 you played as Claude GTA 4 Highely you play as Claude. To be fair I hated Tommy Vercetti:Top of my hitlist Pastor Richards:Screw this party-crasher, he spammed on VCPR and tricked people into giving him money!!! I wish he shot himself when he shot that other guy!!!! Auntie Poulet:SHE HAS to die... Salvatore:He tried to have you killed! Claude is almost 100% like Tommy only differences -Claude is American -Claude can't talk, only make pain noises -Claude did a more highly ranked crime -Claude knows how to f**king drive! -Claude betrays someone sooner or later
  7. The GTA3 one was crap He looked like crap He sounded like crap He WAS crap He had one mission, to kill some Cartel members.
  8. Which Phil do you like? I'm talking about Phil Cassidy GET POSTING AND VOTING Opps Ah crap... Damn, i knew I couldn't control a poll! Put post it which Phil
  9. Its at the back of Ammunation in Downtown It's the place where you went for The Shootist mission
  10. You dont just need to complete the storyline missions and properties. Have you -Found all hidden packages? -Done all rampages? -Finished all side missions (It dosen't need to be finished, but it'll help in Keep your freinds close) -Completed all races? -Gotten all assets?
  11. I found that the haitian gang hates EVERY gang except their own. I saw a Biker happily riding his bike when disaster struck! A group of 4 haitians jacked him and killed him. Funny how the kill him but not rob him. Kinda like what happened to Prociessius Voteccilous in Morrowind
  12. I have improved my list Weapons: -Knuckledusters -Berreta 92, instead of M1911, (the pistol is M1911, not Colt45) -More modern M4 look -Ak-74 instead of Ak-47 -Ingram is 2-handed. (In real life, it's like the most innacurate thing ever) Other stuff -Rob banks -Do missions for gangs to earn their trust -Cops are limited, when you defeat all of them, they give up and you get half a mill bucks, they regenerate in half a month -Gangs are limited, same as above -More then 1 cop skin,SWAT skin,FBI skin and so on Stuff to return -Hot Coffee!!! -Get a mansion -EVERY car and weapon from Gta1 to GtaVCS (except the mythical ones) -Every gang from gta to GtaVCS Side Missions -Firetruck mission needs to improve -Hitman (points to a random guy and you kill him) -Milkboy (Milkbike,manual) -Newspaper man (Circular bike,manual) -Army Vigilante -FBI and Swat Vigilante -Protection
  13. I didn't ask you that! I wanna know what sar-bloody-casm means!!!! Not moronic posts like OMFG IT'S SARCASTIC. P.S. I joined last month and I'm scam artist already! (Hoooeee!!!)
  14. What's that supposed to do with my post? What the hell does sar-bloody-casm mean any-f**king-way
  15. That is the most pathetic idea for a GTA game ever! No Offense Oh yeah and the animals, well it's a good idea for this The animals are protected, if you kill one you get a 2 wanted level Not all animals are defenseless, what about lions,tigers or bears? (LOL!!!)
  16. I have never played LCS so I'm wondering these -What does the HUD look like? -Was it Vice City before LCS or LCS before Vice City? -Does LCS have more stuff then San Andreas? -Can you get it on Laptop? (My friend says his dad has LCS on his laptop) -How do you make mods for LCS? -Why did R* not put it on PC? -How did Toni lose all that weight? (On gta3 he was fat, looked like Hilary) -Who the hell did Toni kill? (the made man) -What are the gangs? Thank you if you can tell me what the ansrews are
  17. LOL Replacing the models for the girlfriends and using it for Hot Coffee is a good idea lol. Too bad I dont have GTA SA But I think Candy was hotter, cuz Catalina looked kinda gay, i have GTA3 Catalina has an anger problem, yup I agree And this is an opinion forum, not a fight
  18. That isn't great stuff It's bullshit. None of that is true. Cuz most of us believe you play as Claude Speed. As in Gta1 Gta2 and Gta3 What a load of bullshit Eat pie every day? Yeah f***ing right...
  19. I think none of them died because you didn't hear them scream. In other words, if you look close into one of the robber's face, it looks like Tommy's face. If you cant see it, use ViceTXD and look at CSDeal and scroll down till you see it. It has the same face as Tommy So do one of the types of Spandex Workers
  20. It's spelt Catalina asshole. Toni looks "bad" on GTA3, cuz hes fat with a purple shirt... Most people should like Toni on LCS. The people who like Toni that is... Edit:Oh yeah and people, Claude is a mercanary, not a wannabe gang member
  21. Are you sure? I don't really think this will stop the "HOW DO YOU MAKE TEH MODS?!!>!@" threads. Try something new
  22. You dont replace you dingbat... You delete the original files (or rename) then add the new ones
  23. I liked the freeway. But if you don't have the new vice city mod, you might not know what i mean. So i like the cuban hermes, cuz the new cubans made the red blue. I like blue Also made they're headbands blue. On NVC the vercetti gang drives the freeway
  24. What the hell is an A380? And that big list of Army Aircrafts... WHAT THE HELL DO THOSE LOOK LIKE? What are they anyways? Oh yeah and about that american plane, it's just the first time on my mind
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