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  1. I like Claude because he can hold 2 machine guns at once And no! SA was NOT before GTA3. But it was probably in the middle of GTA3 Opps! SA was before GTA3
  2. Samiam2


    I need the original player.dff file back I accidently deleted it. And no, I dont have the CD I wanted to extract, but pressed delete by accident!! :'(
  3. I liked In the navy Kenya! Ha! What? shes my cousin? No. Shes my second cousin Freeze! We have come to kill you, We cant say that its not in the book (Said by chopper)
  4. That -Cant swim -Cant talk -Cant go inside -I have the sound, but the radios don't work -No bikes -No planes -F**ked up justice system -The mafia -VC gangs are weak, but GTA3 gangs are tough cookies. -No actually cool cheats Thats about it Theres more I HATE VC things, so i have more to rant about of VC instead of GTA3
  5. WAIT A MINUTE!!! You do get an outfit It's a hoody that says "I beat San Andreas and all I got was this hoody"
  6. I LOVED those mods I WANT VC MADE INTO MORE HALO!! HALO RULES!!! VC ALSO RULES!!! But please, don't make VC mods for Halo
  7. Why dosen't anyone like the following outfits? A:Bank Job B:Tracksuit - red C:Casual D:Havana And everything else COULD SOME1 PLEASE TELL ME WHY!!!!??
  8. How about this. The regular one is a pretty gay one. But the laser sight is also gay People are supposed to notice if they see a laser on him. The people have NO idea that there going to be blow 10 miles away. I just estimate where the sight is. Do what i do. ESTIMATE!!!
  9. who says? I can't see why. BTW to install just replace your main.scm in your data folder and american.gxt in your text folder. There simple as that I have the NVC folder, but i don't play the NVC, I used my backup to delete it. I got pissed off by the fuel
  10. Samiam2


    Try www.gtafiles.com they might sort out what you want
  11. "History will know everything a man will know" Dosen't every1 know how to do this?
  12. We don't know if this took place when Diaz got his mansion Tommy and all the others should return Except for Lance, every1 hates him I HATE YOU LANCE!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I'd take every1 of them except for gambling Yes, I like GTA!! but it's already released To bad that crap ain't in the new GTA
  14. I don't really know SA because I only played it a little bit on PS2 at my friend's So I created this topic so i could steal learn what the main aspects of the game are YES I AM ENGLISH,9 YEARS OLD AND I CAN TYPE PROPERLY I don't care about this bitching about my age,
  15. Tommy Vercetti He'll kick 20 asses before you know it. He's the mighty god of mass destruction And I like how he takes care of business I don't know about Toni But that asshole hates the Triads, (which are bigger assholes)
  16. There's alot of new things they could plod to GTA4 Everything to Simple Citizen to A very rich bitch IF you see what I mean Customized characters are the most awesome idea Gta3 Took place near Ottawa That's the city names I remember, but Portland was somewhere near Ottawa, not IN Canada though. Opps spaced ze wrong place zegain You haven't talked about the gangs yet. But I don't want gay Swiss people in the new GTA
  17. These are want I want out A:Eating, they should cancel or make the character's hungry bar raise slower B:having clothes changed in half-an-hour The girlfriends things so be COMPLETLY modified, like not having to go out every bloody night to keep 'em happy, they should also get a gun,follow the character and shoot people who shoot back or he's shooting. C:Gangs that piss me off D:NPC's not being able to change clothes,eat,steal cars,bikes,planes,etc That's about it
  18. DUDES!!!! None of them will return! Every new GTA they make a new character to play as! Tommy, Claude and every1 else wouldn't return
  19. These are the ones I think are cool A:Debris from your car, like KP said B:A pipe C:Rocks D:At the end of all guns E:A spade F:A pitchfork G:A hockey stick Last but not least Crowbar, like in the half-life series And if it was a pencil, that would kill them instantly Cuz if lead goes into your blood system it'll kill you
  20. It happens to EVERY1 Ok, It even happens with me Rarely though, try Buy Vice City again and install it If you don't wanna do that, do this
  21. I downloaded it to I still don't have sound
  22. There was a train in GTA3 Except it rode around in circles And you can't drive it Who do you actually play as in GTA4?
  23. Make some Models Tweak the Main.scm file gie em weapons Give em a name ANd go crazy n kill him!
  24. HAHA!!! This topic ain't closed yet and I'm on it Btw my fav is Tommy
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