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  1. Dude! I'd like to see the claude mod. Other then that, when I heard Claude I thought it was Clause... And i'm like WTF??? I'd like to see a santa clause mod for VC
  2. Didn't give me that option...
  3. I got GTA3 from a cd, buit theres one problem Theres no radios, every other sound works perfectly. Can any1 tell me why?
  4. Well I was looking for Half-life 2 mods myself I tried making a model and such and such. But i'm a noobster. I can't colour nicely either
  5. I'd like the main chracter to be African or English-African I'm english and african, well i'm african but i'm white But i don't want to play as some japanese dickhead
  6. Mugging, robbing and pickpocketing.... I think... i think...... THAT'S THE GREATEST IDEA EEVER I also think you should be able to rob banks by yourself EX "FREEZE! THIS IS A BANK ROBBERY!!!!!"
  7. I think tommy would win because CJ has to learn Biking, flying ETC Tommy dosen't Cj has to eat Tommy dosen't Tommy could majorly run away. So CJ would crash trying to catch him. Tommy wins! Edit:By the way,Tommy drowns if it comes up to his neck. Tommy would take CJ and thrown him in Tommy does this Kill 18 people in Harwood with his fists or a knife. CJ does this Get the hell out of Los Santos and hide in Liberty City Tommy ain't afriad of Police CJ is, he freaks majorly when the Police come. Tommy could make the army come Cj is too much of a wimp to take on the police
  8. Yeah, Paul would be good as a character BTW people his name isn't Kent Paul it's Paul something Kent is where he comes from! Kent is a city in London! EDIT:I'd like to do Mafia too! But a new one. Like the russian mafia. But no freaking way the chinese mafia (Triads)
  9. Believe me, fuel will PISS YOU OUT SO MUCH THAT YOU'D SAY TO R* F**K YOU!!!!! I want= -Girlfriends, but they can follow you and shoot people. Like do crimes with you. And not piss you off so f***ing much, like having to go out every night to keep them happy. -Being able to rape people on the streets. -Being able to take over Liberty City eg: Not wanted. You get to make new laws like People can't drive LC cabs or the police will jack them off and take the cab to the crusher. RANDOM THING - Some random car will drive next to you and 2 girls psuh you in. -Being able to Kidnap certain people -Be able to hire prostitoutes -Kids, not for killing, but kids are FUN! I am a kid. And if you did kill a kid (ingame) the ambulance would come and it would take like 10 seconds less to make them alive. Plus a reason to put the Mr. Whopee into the game. Kids with guns sounds a bit random bmon -Theres much more, but that's all I can think of right now I'll be back with more
  10. That's kinda useless Noone I think would like this Get some sense
  11. Claude should be the playable character. The rest could return but not as playables Highly unlikely though Claude was in Gta1,Gta2 and Gta3 Offtopic:Claude's last name was revealed in GTA2, so his full name is Claude Speed But we don't even know where this takes place
  12. Make the handling.cfg file to make their bikes go slower But it you all have the same, your screwed really. On "The Driver" on Vice City Hilary got a Sabre Turbo, and I got a sentinel. So i tweaked the handling.cfg to make the sabre turbo slow. It was slower then the sabre Sabre = 120 Sabre Turbo = 100 Sentinal = 200 Try that
  13. Samiam2


    Ok google GTA download sites That should sort you out. I got my IMGTool from the flame freeway download Go on to bikes on the GTA place download section And download flame freeway. It'll give you A-ViceTXD B-IMGTool C-A cool look for you freeway
  14. Download IMGTool Delete the original .dff and .txd Exsample I'm going to make a caddy into a wheeled UFO Orginal Caddy files: Caddy.dff Caddy.txd Delete them Add the new files Caddy.dff Caddy.txd Replace dosen't work A fun thing to do is change gang guys into girls I changed Diaz's guys into Candy Suxxx and some random girl I changed Candy into Diaz Without the bald patch (Used paint to fix that) ViceTXD can convert BMP's into TXD's
  15. Happens with me But I have mods
  16. That's MEGA strange If VC was small at the start then VCS made bigger VCS should be set later then VC VC didn't have that stuff It would still if VCS had it VCS is set ealier then VC What I mean is that VCS had more stuff even though it was set in an earlier time. VC demolished it?
  17. How about Go on to the download section on this It's right next to GTA Classics BTW VC has the most mods thanks to JVT (Or some other car-modding guy) But i'm sure its JVT
  18. Mine is Claude He can kick some ass He can hold 2 machine guns at once He cant talk, but he's the best at whooping gang ass
  19. I'd like -Some kind of WWII army-american plane type thingie.(Build-in guns, come out of propeller) -Jumbo jets -VCN Skimmer -about 5 good planes that dont relate to the army
  20. How about You have to complete the game to do it Then you go to some place There would be a shirt thing that says Mix & Match Then you could change what ever
  21. I thought Vic died... Cuz I heard Lance say "He killed my brother, what do you expect me to do? Mow his lawns?" Didn't Vic die?
  22. STAY WITH VICE CITY For these reasons -Gangs are weak -Motorbikes -Planes -RC stuff -Fun missions -The character can talk
  23. Can I ask you guys something WHERE THE HELL DO YOU SEE THE SOUTH SIDE HOODS? I dont have Shoreside Vale unlocked BTW BTW my fav is Mafia cuz they whoop ass, the triads like to bully them. Bad choice Do missions for Tony and the triads are after you! Do missions for Asuka and the Mafia are after you! Mafia strongest gang in ze game Mafia in VC are crappy little retards with Tec-9's The Mafia dress the best, too!
  24. What About the other gang cars? Like -Yardie Lobo -Diablo Stallion -Cartel Cruiser -Triad Fish Van -Mr Wongs
  25. Mine is M16 Its the one-hit wonder Its fun to do this -Get on the back of a car -Whip out your M16 and keep shooting until you crash off. OFFTOPIC:You notice that the Mafians in GTA3 dress differently in GTAVC? ONTOPIC:Wheres the sniper rifle?
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