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Fav saying from CJ, Sweet, Ryder, or Caesar.

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Mines are:

Ryder-CJ are you going to crash the car again(or something)?

CJ-F*ck you,Ryder.

forgot what Smoke said.anyway

Ryder-Man i was just telling a joke on the little black.

CJ-Everything you do is a joke,Ryder.

Ryder-That ain't true!

Ryder-Yeah CJ you allways right.That's my homie,Mr.Right.

CJ-Shut up.

Ryder-You cant stop me!

CJ-Who cant?


sometimes when CJ sings to himself.

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Another one from Ryder when i am in a mission with him and get out of the car-Say CJ,your not getting that busta itch again are ya?

And lines from Home Invasion:

CJ-Hold it right there homie.


CJ-Forget it.

Ryder-Forget you fool!

And another line from Robbing uncle Sam:

Ryder-Those weekend soldiers got a chip on their shoulders!

Another line when i take money from a dead guy:

CJ-Sitting ducks are over here!

Again another line from CJ when my homie is telling something bad about my shoes and i reply negatively:

Yeah,me?Look at you,phathethic b*tch!

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Smoke- I'll have 2 number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip...ect"

Lmao. That was funny. Smoke said that for longer than it took Rockstar to make the whole game.

Cesar: You want some serious money?

CJ: Does the Pope sh*t in the woods?

Cesar: Why do you keep saying that CJ, I don't know...

Catalina: Open the back door or I'll blow your f*cking face off! Leave the panic button or I'll kill your children, too.

[Alarm Going Off]

Catalina: I warned you, you stupid bitch! Stupid f*cking bitch! Now I kill you. Eat my [Drawing Out Word] sh*t!

CJ: Yes'm, Miss Catalina, Miss. Don't even thing about doing anything, motherf*cker!

Catalina: Hand over every last dollar, NOW, BITCH!

Side note: I wonder why everybody spells Cesar's name wrong.

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