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The Ugliest Car You've Seen


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Yeah, but you wouldn't buy a car on the premise that it "crashes well". :rolleyes:

So you prefer a car that you WON'T survive a crash in?

I think I meant for pedestrian safety. With crumple zones under a bonnet the pedestrian has a better chance of surviving, or something.

Crumple Zones are parts of the car designed to absorb impact & dissipate kinetic energy, reducing the force of a crash &

the chance of serious injury to passengers. First generation Ford Tauruses are a good example. Local PD used them & I

saw one that was in a head-on collision (impact about 55 mph, combined). The Taurus was fubar but the cop walked away.

I'd like to see Clarkson do that w/ his Lotus.

No, I really would.....

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telegraph counts down 100 ugliest cars

hmm a worthy addition to this topic :P

Hahhaaaha the Ford Ka on there( number 12 )was fu**ing sad.

ford ka = ugly

ohh funniest thing. a teacher at the school i used to go to, has 2 ford ka's. LOL. i mean, most people learn from their mistakes...obviously not this person.

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