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The Ugliest Car You've Seen


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http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/autoreview/400x266/2003-07-Honda-Accord-04802041990001.jpg' alt='2003-07-Honda-Accord-04802041990001.jpg'>

I hate how the back end of the 03- 06(07 maybe?) Accords look.

Haha, Jeremy Clarkson really knows how to take the piss out of American cars, "Wow..It actually turns!?"

Sorry, but I really don't see the humor in that....

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As in rollover?


Tight turns are easy w/ a big V8, cramp wheel & stand on gas.

America has it's own oil reserves & we grew up that. End result, American cars traditionally had more power. Also used to

more elbow room. So for the longest time American cars were big heavy V8 powered road beasts. Little European cars

could corner faster, but didn't hold up well to collisions. I own several that could punch through a brick wall & keep going.

A perfect example was an article from Car Craft (circa 'mid '80s) on weight reduction of your car. as a baseline they ran the

quarter mile w/ a '68 Cadillac Sedan DeVille vs a mid '60s VW Beetle. Even w/ the VW dismantled & in the trunk of the Caddy,

the Caddy still had faster times. Even though the Caddy weighed near 3 tons, the 472 (just short of 8 liters) made short work

of the bug.

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You just don't understand..He means he's found an American car that can actually turn like a European car..

He's an idiot. Honestly. It's basic fucking physics. A lot of American cars are big. A lot of European cars are small. Big car = Doesn't turn as good as small car. I can whip my mom's Ford Escape around just as easy as I can whip my VW Jetta around.

Yeah, but you wouldn't buy a car on the premise that it "crashes well". :rolleyes:

You just made yourself sound so stupid. It's called safety. You want a car that is strong enough to not kill you in any given crash.

Connor: "Ah, this car should do me nicely.."

Salesdude: "..Hmm, sure will, can punch through 6 solid walls without fucking up, perfect for the car chase movie type..:D"

And NO, not for the sake of a movie. For the sake of saving your fucking life.

Jesus CHRIST. I thought Americans were dense..... -.-

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