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The Ugliest Car You've Seen


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Post a picture of the ugliest care you've seen, ever. (And I'm not talking about modified cars.) As for me, this has got to be one of the ugliest, if not the worst looking cars I've ever seen (Prius):


Seriously, its like one of those ugly ass prototype cars no one ever makes! o.o

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Ok, the chrysler PT cruiser and the fiat multipla.

Pt cruiser has some kind of snow -wedge at the front, and the multipla has an ugly roll of flab at the front, ain't got a nice ass either. Neither have, TBH



Fiat Multipla:



Edit: click to enlarge, not that you'd want to.

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uglist lambo ever!! (suv)

That's the LM

And this is the ugliest car you've seen, not the ugliest car of a particular brand. Heck, that's not even the ugliest lambo... Heard of the lamborghini alar? google it.

So yeah, th LM kicked ass anyways, thguh it certainly wasn't a masterpeice, why would it be since it was MILITARY ISSUE, incase you didn't know, the military don't care for bells and whistles on their vehicles. Makes them a bigger target. :P

So yeah, the lamborghini alar...

Screw it, here's a pic.

Screw it, here's 3 pics, click = enlarge. (or not, FIH.net decided they should be fullsized)




Point proven? Point Proven.

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Mercedes A and B class really suck ass..


So ugly it hurts.

How exactly is that ugly? When is was released it was one of the most high tech cars and it actually still looks pretty good IMO (for such old car that is).

I HATE the Swift.. The old one.


And which fool came up with this car?


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