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The Ugliest Car You've Seen


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Some of the ugliest and crappiest cars that I've ever seen (no offense intended, though):


The Brilliance BS6, the Chinese car that won the Ultimate Pwnage award from an European testing firm


The Ssangyong Musso; the design's crappy, and so is the build quality - the plastic turn signals and taillights yellow within a couple of years


Gee, this so-called "Beauty Leopard" thing looks ugly to me...

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I got an ugly one from Google


Though I haven't EVER seen it on the streets.

It's because it's a concept. Jeez.

That Mitsu isn't exactly a masterpeice, but i wouldn't say no to one. The new subaru impreza's (2000's models are all as ugly as a hobo's ass, they fucking ruined a prestigious line of quality cars)

QD- Racing cars don't gotta be pretty... Take a look at the buggati's (either the Veyron, EB110, or older models, they're all shit fast (or were for their time, but ugly. Yes i'm saying veyrons are ugly. No, i wouldn't say no, i'd sell it and buy me a Zonda. Brum Brum! That or a shiny green ninja... w00T!

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Neeeeiiighgghghgh, I'm an ugly pony.

I'm kicking your ass, Skyline.

Sky, I hate you now. Anyway...

Since someone posted the farking Element,


The Scion B-O-X? I hate that shit. UGLY car yet everyone thinks they are the hottest shit ever in it.


God.........BATMAN has a ugly car.

Batman's car kicks major ass.

Mustang II


Agreed. That shouldn't even be called a Mustang. Ford should erase any evidence that it ever existed.

Too bad the OP said no modded cars, I've seen some SHITTY cars around here. The BOX takes it for me, probably. Not many cars are uglier than BOXES ON WHEELS.

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