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GTA2 is so fun to play just to laugh at the stuff that happens...

eg The electric gun...i love that...I could play GTA2 for hours just electrocuting all these people. And the animations are funny eg if you shoot someone straight on with the rocket launcher, and you see them fly up up into the sky then fall on the roof of a building or the middle of the road and makes a funny splat noise...


Imagine they put a electricity gun in GTA4...It would be good if they had heaps of licensed guns eg Steyr Aug, H&K MP5, maybe even M249..that would be cool.

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My cousin GTA Advance,I used to have GTA 2 when I was really young but now it`s somewhere in a pile of all my old games,I also had GTA 2 on the PC,it was so fucking hard,then i just deleted it.Never played GTA 1 though...

I just remembered,the fart and burp button in GTA 2,I used to lol at that.Ah,good times.

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