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Trailer 3 Released - Move Up, Ladies


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Rockstar Games have just released the third official trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV. Check out the 2 minute long trailer over at the official site or GameTrailers, or in standard definition embedded below. If you want to download the HD version then click here for the 124mb .zip file.

Two screenshots were also added by Rockstar to the official site, see those beneath the trailer.

You may also be interested in an article IGN have just posted up - an informative Q&A about the new trailer. For example it mentions the artist and song used in the trailer which the vast majority of us will never have even heard of. The song is called King Ring 2 Kaiser (King Ring Remix) by Russian rap artist Serjoga Seryoga.

018.jpg 019.jpg

Leave your comments in the topic to let everyone know what you thought of the trailer and how excited you now are.

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Unbelievable, I haven't finished watching it yet, but I'm blown away by those graphics!

EDIT; Now I have, and there's more than enough there to analyse, yet again. I just can't break it down yet, I have to see it a few more times. :D

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Cool video!!! Did you seen that high kick Niko made, guess there might be some new styles of MA to learn (it could be all from karate to boxing, who knows)

Liked the end, "well since you put it that way...." :)

Cool graphics and area around, even AK has a new sound, i like it :)

The rap song raps about money, as i understood it.

At the beggining When he say "niko my cousin, welcome to america" Niko responded: "Zdravo, bracaru" meaning " hello brother.

just tought ill give some info, hope you appriciate it :)

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it shows that other characters can change clothes, as roman is wearing a shirt one minute then a tracksuit the next, and it seemed that niko's ak was on single shot, so maybe we get a change from that to automatic or something.

the game also seems that it has 'grown up' as the other gta's seem to be a little bit childish, this one seems to be much more serious, and almost like a movie

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