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GTA IV Previews Tomorrow at 5.30PM GMT


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The new previews and screenshots we reported about last week now have an exact time of release, 5.30PM GMT tomorrow according to ComputerAndVideogames.com. C&VG is just one of the sites that recently visited R* for a preview of the latest demo, and will be posting brand new GTA IV information and screenshots tomorrow along with other sites including IGN, GameSpot, Kikizo, GamesRadar and 1UP.

Keep your eyes on TheGTAPlace where we'll be reporting all the new, important information and images.

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ROFL nice self-pwn. What timezone did you think we were in Mark? :P

I didn't list any other timezones in the post but...

for mainland and central Europe it will be 6.30pm, and 7.30pm for eastern Europe.

for east coast USA 12.30pm

for west coast USA 9.30am

for most of Australia 4.30am (thursday morning)

I can't be bothered finding out anymore so if you're not in one of those regions then go to http://www.timeanddate.com

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WOO. I hope we get some HUD shots, now dont get all "itll ruin the experience" on me but the reason is, knowing R* they would only release shots like that if they knew they were releasing it very soon, But im not sure if they would give those screens to other sites or whether they would release them on their own. :innocent:

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I expect MAJOR server load problems with some of the larger gaming sites like IGN and Gamespot and a large spike in activity on GTA forums too tomorrow.

You can quote me when you get a "Connection to server timed out" message on some big site with all the info. If anyone remembers when Messenger Plus Live! was released... yeah. :P

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