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>>GTA4 Wishlist<<


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Also, people who say (I haven't read all the wishlist ideas, because there's just sooooo much of them) that you should be able to buy things for your safe houses or use things....THIS IS NOT THE SIMS!!!! :bashhead: However, I do think that your character should use the radio/sound systems in your house and listen to music and maybe turn on the TV and see a visual version of Chatterbox, VCPR, SAPR or WCTR (I'd really like to see Darius Fontaine, the insane founder of Inversion therapy, and maybe even do missions for him in the middle of the game)

I like both the Sims and GTA games...SEPERATELY!!! But they should bring back Mix-and-match clothes from San Andreas.

Here is a list of some of the things they should keep from the previous games

-Optional Street Racing (all GTA)

-Be able to mix and match the clothes you wear (GTA: SA)

-Building a Business empire (GTA: VCS) and buying out other businesses and doing scripted missions for the venture, then after you beat the missions, you get funding from them (GTA: VC)

-Control areas of the city (GTA: SA)


-Casinos, I will not lie, those Casinos were pretty fun and addicting (GTA: SA)

-Motorcylces in Liberty City, the anti-biking law from GTA 3 is nullified (GTA: LCS)

-Multiplayer or long distance Wi-Fi multiplayer (GTA: LCS and GTA: VCS, Now there was a good idea)

-Restore your health by eating Food, and getting fat or skinny (GTA: SA)

-Mt. Chilliad!!!!!!!! (GTA: SA)

-unlimited swimming (GTA: SA)

-If you make another gang really pissed off at you, they will randomly attack you or your gang (GTA: SA and GTA: VCS)

Things they should get rid of

-Basketball....the basketball in San Andreas was terrible and not needed.

-Mandatory Missions where you have to play sports or race (You should only do those things on your free time)

-Dancing....it was stupid

-Missions that require you to dance...I really f**king hated the mission where you had to steal the sound van on GTA: SA, you should just kill the people protecting it and steal their keys.

-Hot coffee...god help us all if they decide to put sex into the game and Hillary Clinton and the Interest groups she represents tries to ban GTA: SA (or give it an AO rating) No sex, it's nasty and almost banned GTA Games in the US. I thought GTA: SA was fine without the sex.

-Reni Wassulmeier (she scares me and she's an insult to Germans and German-Americans everywhere! :pissedred: )

Things they should improve on

-Eating, you shouldn't just eat at Cluckin Bell, Well Stacked Pizza or Burger Shot, you should also be able to eat at places like Mama Cipriani's, Punk Noodles, Tacopocalypse, Cafe Robina, or get a Rusty Brown's doughnut, ect.

-If your gang controls an area of a city, you should be able extort local business so you get more money from conquered territories and more respect from your gang/mob.

-When you exercise, you should be able to work out different parts of your body, if you work out leg muscles, your character can run faster and run for a longer time and his kicks will be stronger. When you character works out his upper body (torso) he will be more resistant to attacks from gun shots, some melee weapons and fists, if he works out his arms, his punches will be stronger and he can sprint with heavier weapons.

-Rival gangs don't attack you or your businesses and territory all the time, like they did in GTA: VCS, but they attack you and your assets on occasions.

let me just think of more stuff

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1)Location:London+4 other cities from England(MAnchester,Liverpool.....)


2)Character-I don`t care if it`s white,black.....

-capabilities: drink,take drugs,use any object as a weapon(pick a bottle and hit someone with it,energy bar,bullet time,be wet when I exit from a lake,sea,river,hair growth,climb ladders for God`s sake

3)Guns: -more guns,I want to be realistic shooting like when you fire there should be recull(or something like that)that affects the crosshair and the most important gun customization(add a silencer,flashlight,infrared thing),shoot from the vehicle

4)Cops: -improved AI,beeing able to give you fines,warnings..not just shoot you from a minor thing

- when you have * warning,fine

**cops will try to bust you

*** cops will shoot you with rubber-bullets(or something like that) to neutralize you and then bust you

****cops will shoot seriously and trying to kill you,SWAT teams,FBI cars will arrive and try to stop you

***** tanks will arrive,police airoplanes like F16 or something like that and shoot rockets at you

******MOST WANTED: Everyone will try to stop you ,roadblocks,helis,planes,tanks,peds will do everything to stop you

5)Peds: -peds will not just walk they will read,play football,basketball,volleyball in the park,surf in the sea,scubadiving ,have a submarine,but foods from fast-food

-ragdoll physics,realistic damage(shoot someone`s leg then the leg should have a hole and blood will cirvcle the wouwnd

6)Vehicles:more vehicles and they need to have:speed-o-meter,fuel and REALISTIC damage(wheels,windows,doors should fall, the engine should be crushed

7)Missions:I don`t care

Thats all for now but I will think at other things later!

Sorry if I didn`t wrote correct some words please excuse me!

Please reply/qoute my ideas!please,please,please!

Nice Wanted level list...hehe...and yes, I think your character should definately be able to climb a ladder (I was pissed when CJ couldn't do it and there was a ladder in front of him in SA next to the San Fierro airport.

Realistic car damage would be really neat but GTA games don't need speedometers.

Modifying a weapon would be really nice, when you go into an ammunation, you should also be able to buy accessories that go with the weapon.

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maybe if there were more racing and flatout/NFS competition style things in gta4, then maybe there could be a speedometer that you can turn on and off.

another subject.

i think the interiors of cars should be REALLY real and should have really good lighting and shadows and textures and models. there should be a driver view while in the car and you should be able to see the SMOOTH animation of the characters hands turning the wheel and changing the radio (there should be a radio display) or changing the ipod. there should also be semi-power steering to make the hand animations smoother and more realistic.

bullet holes in cars and glass should actually react to where you shot it (bullet holes will ONLY be where you shot it), and they should be a little bit 3d too. Shots to glass should spiderweb around the bullet hole and multiple shots will start connecting cracks in the glass until the section of the glass that was being shot is gone.

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I have some new ideas

I`m sure R* will include a calendar and seasons(after including in SA days of the week)and we need snow,rain,fog.(I`ve heard this on every forum)

I want my character to know how to fight,more man-to-man combat(like Fahrenheit(Indigo Profecy)some MATRIX fights,with bullettime and other.

I want New-Health-System:like when someone shoots your leg you should fall down and have blood there also with other parts of the body.You need to be fast when killing someone(the fastest wins).But I doubt R*(sweet R*) will ever include this cause the majority of the times you need to fight with multiple enemies.Hey this is what! :coolthumbup:

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Here's mine:

-You can buy Mp3 player,so you can listen music anywere and anytime

-You can buy portable consoles

-You can use Taxi.Just mark a place in your radar and Taxi will bring you there

-Smarter A.I.

-More people skins

-More cars,bikes,boats,airplanes,choppers


In graphics:

-Fixed bugs with Draw Distance

-The people should look like people!



-More audio stations

-More dialogs

And much more shit..

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My list for GTA Quatro would be the following:

1) The city size would be between Liberty City, and Vice City.

2) The city should be extremely detailed. Each building should be different and the walls should be textured to such an extreme, that when a parent walks by they're like 'What movie is that'.

3) Pedestrians should have a life. Instead of walking around the corner and just walk around until the player feels they need to die, the pedestrian should walk in and out of buildings, pull out an MP3 player and listen to it, read a newspaper while walking, play a portable game system, something other than walk.

4) Cops need a serious AI revamp. They need to get smarter and the wanted level should be changed so it fits. At one star, the cop chases you and stays on you, not just dissapear after some time. At two stars, the cops become much more aggressive and starts beating you, not shooting. They also ram the car and try to pull you over. At three stars, the helicopter joins, but doesn't fire, just keeps track of you. The cops can now open fire on you, and can do drive bys. At four stars, SWAT joins and the helis can open fire. SWAT does drive bys with MP5s and the Police use their pistols. At five stars, FBI kick in and join in, along with SWAT and the local police. FBI use strong assault rifles as drive bys, two helis join and each use a mini gun, firing at full power. Finally, at six stars, the Army joins in. The tanks can't blow you up on contact, but they can crush the car. Barrack OLs contains army men firing at you with M60's and M4's. Three helis are flying around, all three with M60's mounted. Also, SWAT, FBI, and the local police force are still chasing you.

5) The cars should be totally destructable and realistic, not black shells.

6) The amount of vehicles in SA were fine, just make it so there's always a different car onscreen. Reduce clumping of peds and vehicles. Way more than VCS if there was any!

7) Be able to make a gang. Customize a gang car and gang outfits.

8) When you recruit someone into your gang, they can at least be useful. Ex: You're running from the cops. You ca recruit one to drive you around the city while shooting at the cops. That way, they're not only oging to be shooting. But please make the intelligible.

9) Realistic body damage. When you;re getting shot at, let the wounds show. Let the clothes tear. Let the clothes singe. Make the protagonist take realistic damage, not just stand there say 'ow' and continue walking. He should limp if shot in the leg, or sway from massive blood loss.

10) Realistic weapon carrying. No more pulling RPG's out of my ass. Try it like Manhunt. It was perfect the way it was done. RPGs and Assault Rifles on the back. Pistols and SMGs on the waist. Grenades on the waist also. Goggles and such worn on top of the head.

That's it for now. I'll be back with more later.

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there should be a lil bigger than SA. yes they should TRY to use bluray to its full capacity, but then the game will be pretty slow and the draw distance will be short AND it will take a long time for developers.

AND google duea=sdoajfas person guru. thats a reallllly good idea for more than one disk (even tho the game would now cost 80 - 100 dollars) BUT if your that rich i guess it could happen. nobodys ever thot of that. (or i think, correct me if somone has)

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and i really really dont care if they include a speedometer if they just add a on off switch for it in the menu cuz it will obstruct my vision of the game and distract me. i think they should put real interiors in cars that are high resolution and have full 3d for all the textures. maybe they could have some physics too, like the seats compress a lil when ppl are in them (but only make it happen if your close enough to the car or itl make the game slow as hell). there should be a 1st person view in cars and you should be able to see a hud monitor (the car kind) real working radio (in the monitor or just a radio) see your hands, steering wheel and everything. using the right analog stick will change your direction of vision and pressing circle will shoot in the general direction your looking (with his hand out the window).


sorry about the double post i thot i could do it quick enough! :nope:

guess not!

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i think this is a great idea like the weapons but have harder missions to unlock items/other. peds is a great idea vehicles greater cops better more cities h*ll yea dont forget the chacters to do alittle more peds no submaime buy food a fastfood/market cops thats the best idea you thoght of dagme. Have bullet wounds pick up items take a-way from people knifes , bats, guns(more) other items thoses are somegreats things bysides the submarine

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I've been thinking about this for along time just never wrote it down, it's quite long so I don't mind if you don't read it. I'ts in no particular order:

-More vehicles, including cars, bikes, planes, helis, submersibles and stuff like skateboards scooters ect.

-Be able to destroy or partially destroy buildings and, well everything else around you.

-Better game graphics and physics.

-Variable weather e.g storm, hurricanes, tornadoes and snow + when it snows everything get covered in it. And when there's a storm ect. stuff gets destroyed, cars get blown away and the odd cow flys across the screen.

-Type of weather affects the landscape. e.g hot weather - everything dries up, roads crack and trees and grass are brown/orange and dusty. Wet weather - rivers and flood-ways fill up, really bad rain makes streets and homes flood, trees and grass appears very green and alive.

-Better interaction with enviroment, e.g cut down trees, roll big rocks down hillside, blow holes in the ground with explosives and all that sort of thing.

-Loads more weapons including things in the enviroment such as rocks, sticks, garbage cans and bottles.

- Loads more more options for car and bike modding including neons, spinners More variation in body kits and wheels. Also practically everything can be modded.

-more garages for planes and also boats.

-More customizable options such as gangs, house and your character. Quicker load time for changing clothes.

-Random house come up for sale instead of preset ones. Also buy land to build your own house, business, hotel or anything else.

-Run businesses.

-Get a job (optional).

-Better fighting moves for close combat, e.g combos that you pick up along the game.

-Better car damage/crash physics.


-Set somewhere in America, Tokyo or Dubai.

-Bigger game map. (duh)

-Realistic body damage e.g blood, bullet wounds, bruises and maybe broken limbs.

-Possibly be able to do sports such as basket ball, football, golf, tennis ect.


-Bullet holes on cars, building, trees and anything else.

-Be able to get a taxi, bus, plane, train ect. to where you what to go with out actually stealing it.

-Be able to move about the interior of a plane, train or boat including cruise ships if included in the game.

-Way more building interiors and any other interior that there might be.

-More hidden/secret/unlockable stuff.

-More islands, big and small.

-Use spray cans and even tins of paint to tag buildings, cars ect with your own design.

-The newspaper idea with the headlines of crimes that you have committed.

-Possibly the inclusion of natural disasters like earthquakes and stuff would be cool. (but to often).

-Better multiplayer. Also be able to play through the storyline in multiplayer.

-Better radio stations and also be able to play your own music on it and they could even have downloadable radio stations.

-Be able to lock you car door.

-Plant bombs and co-ordinate attacks.

-When you get busted the cops drag you out your car, wrestle you to the ground and put handcuffs on you.

-Also when you get busted you get charged according to your crimes.

-You can download mods other people have made like you can on the PC version.

-Or rockstar have loads of downloadable content ranging from story missions to new vehicles.

-Better character AI.

-More missions and of varying difficulty.

-GPS type thing where it plans the quickest somewhere and tells you where to go. Maybe there's arrows pointing the way, the road to take is highlighted or some hot woman is telling to take the next left.

-The ability to CLIMB LADDERS.

-Fire missions have you putting out building fires. Also fire can spread and actually destroy stuff, unlike SA.

-More realistic fire and water.

-Car explosions and any other explosion looks way more realistic.

Sorry for the long list and thank you if you read it all, or most of it. :thumbsup:

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2.more damage

3.bigger map

4.more cars

5.do missions for characters previous gta characters did

6.more weapons

7.put it on ps2

8.more missions

9.more gangstas

10.go into every shop

11.have people who died in previous gtas come back to life



14.more bikes

15.more weather tornados,mud slides,etc.


I'll have more later

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1.Better AI!!!!(at least on cops)

2.Better Tunning on cars than San Andreas

3.Lead all the gangs after you eliminate their boss

4.Have a skateboard

5.Remote control your car and detonate it where you like...(it would be fun:) )

6.Play 1 on 1 basketball (not alone like in San Andreas)

7.Take photos like in SA

8.Have a crossbow like in Hitman 2

9.Have tall mountains with snow

10.On radio news they mention the main characters crimes...

Thats all I can think about right now and Im sure GTA 4 will have great features... :thumbsup:

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