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Things you don't know about people!


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When I was nine, I fractured my leg. My Dad picked me up from school (was pushed off the climbing frame by my "friend"), took me straight to the hospital, got a cast, went back to school to tell the headteacher I won't be coming to school for a bit. They also gave me crutches, it was pretty hard to walk with them, so I mostly sat down and watched TV. After a week or so, I went to the hospital for a x-ray and they were going to give me this sort of really big boot (kinda like a cast) and I had to go to school wearing that. During playtimes, one of my real friends volunteered to stay with me and just play games and stuff.

I had to get physiotherapy for a while, mainly just walking exercises. My leg healed a bit, and I didn't have to wear the big bot my friends proclaimed "toilet shoe". Also, I once nearly went blind when I was six. We were playing hockey for PE, and one of the kids hit my eye. I couldn't see from my left eye for a day, I had to wear an eyepath as well.

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I hate IQ tests and I don't trust them.

I took one once, but I got bored so I answered randomly at 40 or more questions ( there was a total of 90 q's ) and I got 106 but I don't care.

Maybe I'm scared to take'em seriously, maybe I fear that I have a low IQ, lots of maybes.

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106? lol

I've had almost 142 I think... I think.

:blink: It could be but Einstein, the smartest man on Earth had just above 160 and only 0.00001% have more than 140 or 150 <_<

The normal IQ is between 90 and 110.

That's a normal IQ test, it could be another type of IQ test you took, with a different rating system from 10 to 250 let's say, I heard about these types of tests but the normal ones have a rating from 10 to 160.

Back on-topic, my puppy died this month, it only lived a few months, it was ours for just one month. :cry:

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