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ryder 101

how many peds have you killed

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Some days too many, other days not enough. Overall, from day 1 since I first ever played it until today, has to be in the tens of thousands; maybe even into the hundreds of thousands. My own personal venting rampages could last into the hours sometimes. Ironically enough, sometimes they would start because a ped dove in front of my car and got killed when I was trying my best to avoid them! I blame it on Rockstar.:P

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come on, IV sucked harsh ass it was glitchy and realistic (i hate realistic games) it was nothing compared to SA

its the most nonoptimized pc conversion i ever played, buggy, glitchy, incredibly laggy despite being WAY WAY above rec hardware etc etc; such a shameANyhow how can i view my stats and NOT end the game?

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