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Whats missing that you wanted

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i didn't play it much i just played on my cousins

the thing i miss are chainsaws, and flamethrowers and the lack of weapons and the gangster theme for some reason. i loved using spray cans in gta sa.

You miss the "gangster" theme? you cannot get anymore gangster than mafia. You must mean wannabe fool ghetto boys pretending to be GANGSTA!!!! when really there just hoodys with guns. Mafia themes are a much preferred theme for me.

I miss ammu-nation, i miss the gta feel, and Tommy Vercetti.

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There really is no need for alot of money in this game since food is no inexpensive, and the only things you can really do with it now is buying ammo or clothes. I missed the ability to recruit members off the streets to come with you and help you on missions and shit. I miss shooting the moon to change the size too :P.

Edit: I also noticed their were no bicycles...I see people riding bikes all the time in nyc...

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side missions (taxi, ambulance, pizza etc)

swimming underwater

characters mods (weight, haircuts, etc)

better clothes seletion

the ability to enter many buildings (as in IV you can only enter a few)



cops on motor bikes

jet skiies

a decent storyline (i honestly though this one was lame)

more weapons


car modding

better driving

ammunation (it was a gta trademark for christ's sake)

building and property purchasing

and i'll name more when i think of them

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1. CAR MODDING.. miss it so much. i went and did Stevie's text message car hunts.. all 30 of em in hope of finding a mod shop. NOPE.

2. Buying houses


4. Cops that ARENT annoying as hell

5. General exploration... GTASA was my fave for that. you could go into numerous buildings, and for example jump off them.

6. PLANES!!!

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Car Customisation / Modding


More Choice of Clothes

Barber / Tattoos

Push Bikes (And the Bunny Hops :) )

Taxi Missions

Cops on Bikes

Less buildings to enter

Buying Houses/Garages

Going to the Gym and the Fat/Muscle Thing

Add those and you have a Perfect Game.

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I miss

- Police Motorbikes

- Police Uniforms (although not finished so not sure if they are in there somewhere like you could get in Vice City)

- Ambulance and Fire Truck Missions

- Stadium Events

- Motorbike Tricks like in Vice City

- Being able to buy businesses and new houses

- Car Customisation

- I miss the ton of clothing and accessory options that San Andreas had.

- Swimming underwater

- Push Bikes and the races and missions you could do with them (Mount Chilad for example)

- Flame Throwers

But I have to say I think GTA4 is the new begining for GTA on the new consoles, just the same as GTA3 was for the ps2 when it was released. I think so much will come in the next lot of sequels to fill all our cravings for GTA that we probably dont have to worry. I think Rockstar has VERY big plans for the next lot of GTA games.

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