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Where you buy your games?


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Hi, this is just a simple question, where do you buy your games? Or do you buy games at all?

I'll buy most of my games from a local shop, but sometimes I'll see some great sales/cheaps at Play-Asia.com.

Here are in example few Play-asia.com offers:

- Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Box (PS2) - only for US$34.90

- Grand Theft Auto Libert City Stories (Greatest Hits)(PSP) - only for US$24.90

- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (Greatest Hits)(PSP) - only for US$24.90

- Grand Theft Auto IV (X360) - only for US$49.90

But always before order on the internet, remeber to check wich region console is the game available...

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For the shops, it varies. I mostly use Gamestation, as they offer good cheap deals, but sometimes if I see a bargain, in whatever shop it's in, I'll get it. Could be from WHSmith, HMV, Game, wherever. Online I use Amazon and Play.com. I did use some obscure site when I got my DualShock3 a few months back, it was around £15 but so was the P+P.

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Sometimes I get games from Steam, or I download Demo's, like 007 Night Fire :D

I cba to go to my local games shop down in Ashby Le Da Zouch Town. Too far for me to walk (Only 15 minute walk really), but I'm lazy :)

I couldn't be bothered to take my Dog for a walk 2 hours ago, but...he kept putting his paw on my face when I was lying down. :P

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Local Stores: Circuit City, Best Buy, and a little of Gamestop. Also Micro-Center near outer Boston and a store called Comp-U.S.A is where I bought Max

Payne 1 & 2, sadly went out of bussiness.< they had so many sales in that store that people stopped buying and only waited for another sale to come, which

never did. lol

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I usually go to GameStop or Target and if I can't find the game I'll just go shop online, you usually can't beat internet prices.... ;)

Tbh I haven't bought a game in awhile, I just got addicted to an old game that I've had for ages so I'm content with not going out and buying a game.

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