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Hey check out my new Sig. Do you Think is is cool?

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How do you make signatures? Is there a program?

well well well look who it is, i82muchatihop, the idiot from the cheatplanet forums, i suspect you got here from the link i gave you when i was talking about gta 4, seeing as i gave you it on the day you joined..... and you dont even know how to make siggys...... HAHAHAAAAA, soz to everyone else who dont know what i am on about, but i know him from another forum lol, what an idiot

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lol what type, and most probably yes, but this person is a member in other forums and is a complete git, and thinks he is all smart, and he doesnt even know how you can make siggys, heck, you could ake a siggy on paint if ya was good enough, and my siggy isnt just cut and paste, so dont jump to conclusions, i just find joy in this perosn who acts like such a smart arse in the other forums dont even know how to make a siggy, LOL.

EDIT: and would you look at that, my siggy wont show...

EDIT: oh look again... its back

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