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Best character Of Gta San Andreas


Gta San Andreas Best And Top Character  

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  1. 1. Choose 1 Of These character

    • Ceaser Viapendo
    • Ryder
    • Wi Zu Mi Zu
    • Sweet
    • Madd Dog
    • Big Smoke
    • Frank Tenpeney
    • OG Loc
    • 0
    • 0

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I choose Ryder coz he's such a dude when u do his missions

He may be a 'dude' in missions... but don't forget he betrayed Grove.

That's why I choose Sweet.Because of three things:

1. He the real 'dude'

2. He always down with the hood

3. He has guts... more than Ryder who ran when he saw CJ

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Wu Zi Mu. Cause he's always serious (almost always), he is much more respected than some "gangstas", and he owns a casino.

I didn't find Wu Zi Mu to be a respected person at all. He always seemed so unsure about everything, and was very dependent.

edit: @ Mod_Master - Haha yeah The Truth was an awesome character.

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You should have listed The Truth. He made me laugh when you try to do the mission Black Project while you're fat.

I voted for Ryder though. During the first missions, he's hilarous. Then he becomes annoying,

but I liked his last words"I'm a motherfucking genius!"

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