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Fuck pizza instead of girls


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Topic split from one which was in Serious Chat - obviously not where this belongs

Husky's original post remains here. Quoted below.

If you are afraid of loosing your virginity then try this method of " Feel's Just Like it " masturbation.

Step #1 - You go to the grocery store, and go to frozen foods and look for small frozen pizza packs. Like Red Baron, Tony's , Digorino's (Don't pick the pan pizza).

Step #2 - Heat up the pizza, remember the cheesiest pizza feels the best. Make sure you don't heat it up until it burns you.

Step #3 - Take the pizza when its cool and rap it up around yo penis. And then just jack off like your masterblading.

And that's how it feels like during sex. Some kid told me thats what it feels like. So... I do this myself. And I have no shame telling the whole world.

Edit: Celeste's Pizza's feel better.

You may now continue discussion of this here.

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He was probably trying to be cool and imitate the infamous pie-fucking scene from American Pie but his mum hadn't baked a pie so he decided a pizza is fine too. He then proceeded to do the act and kept quiet about it for some time.

Until a couple of days ago where he decided to post about it on an internet forum "as a joke", but everyone knows he was being serious and are gonna show his parents the post so they can laugh at their son etc.

Husky was suspended last night btw, so he can't even edit out his posts. :P

Was going to reference American Pie as well. :awesome:

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Fucking a pizza's worth it than getting aids.

I'm... Not even going to touch that.

People who say you can't compare Pizza it to the pussy has never tried it.

Says the kid who's never had HUMAN intercourse.

I think I'll split this topic, not really fair on OP when he started this as a serious topic, which it should be.

EDIT: Fuck. All the serious replies are mixed in with Pizza-related ones. Oh well. Continue.

I don't know how this quote ended up in here again. However......

Watching porn by day, fucking pizzas by night..

Being a virgin is hella tight!

Oh, and by the way, topic of the year right here!

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