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What did you dislike about GTA 3?

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The thing i hate most about GTA3 is this:

The people who think they can pick holes in a game so epic for it's time, and one that was so revolutionary, and that should be, in my opinion, regarded as the turning point of gaming, the world, and industry over.

Now, i'm not saying it was perfect. Nor am i saying that it is up to scratch with current games. What i am sayong is that alot of people seem to be so obsessed with their shiny PS3's and 360's AWESOME GFX LOLOLZ, that they miss how epicly world - changing this game was.

You couldn't swim. Find me a game of such freedom, such brilliance, that you could swim in, other than one in which that very thing was the main objective.

No change of clothes - Boohoo - see above.

Physics - Ok, so renderware is bollocks. If a better, more flexible system existed at the time,. i'm sure they'd have used it.

I agree completely. Another thing I'd like to know is, how many of these complaints were levelled at GTA3 before the later games came out? I don't know about everyone else, but I barely gave "changing clothes" a moment's thought until it was introduced in Vice City, and even then I didn't miss it in GTA3 (I played GTA3 after Vice City). Being unable to swim can be annoying sometimes, but it's more believable in GTA3 than in Vice City. I mean, in Liberty City the water is cold, polluted and often violently stormy. Vice City's water is pristine, clear and calm most of the time, so that you can't swim in it is a lot harder to swallow.

And as for all the complaints about the rain and the fog, what the hell? They're all part of the dark, lonely and corrupt atmosphere of the city. Besides which, I think a lot of people exaggerate just how much it rains. It doesn't rain all the time (it's more half-and-half in my experience) and fog isn't all that common. Last time I played the game through the weather was like this:

40% clear, 50% rain, 10% fog.

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The city looks so dark and it makes Liberty City look like a sleeping city in a sense. It's like sunlight is only at its peak for 5 game hours and then it's right back to the darkness. Donald Love's monotone voice completely defined what Liberty City is like.

Also, the GTA III storyline was good but it wasn't exactly fun. It's a good game but it's my least favorite of the GTA III series of games. Still make no mistake, it set the tone for the future games.

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1. Hit a car with the car your driving teh car starts to explode or starts to show smoke ( black smoke )

2. Cant turn subtitles off

3. Sucky driving handling

4. Die easly

5. Get rant over once and *Dead*

6. Poor Audio

7. Stupid and the worst hydro's in GTA gaming.

8. Ugly cars

9. Catalina should of been voiced by Katt Williams

10. No Darkel, and no driving the plane into D.L's building.

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Here's one thing that's always annoyed me about GTA3.

It's rampant inflation.

Seriously, money mustn't be worth much if Luigi is willing to pay you $2000 to drive two blocks, pick someone up, and bring them back. You get huge bonuses for even the most menial tasks, and there's nothing to do with all that money besides buy weapons, and once you find all the hidden packages even that's no longer a concern.

Not to mention GTA3 still has traces of a gamey points system from the earlier GTAs. You actually get cash bonuses for colliding with other cars. Unless Claude has some kind of fraudulent insurance claims scheme going on, I don't know how they'd justify that. <_<

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I hated:

- Claude didn't talk

- No Bikes or Heli's

- You don't do anything with your money

- Too much gangs

- when you complete the game you can not do anything because every where the is a gang that attacks on YOU

so GTA3 SUCKS!!!!!!!! :pissedred:

i swear to god if one more person bitches about there being too many gangs i will electronically kick thier ass! (no i don't quite know how yet...)

jesus christ! dont be pussies, use the "annoyingly large sums of cash" to buy some fucking weapons and armour! fucking hell! the entire game you are sent to kill people yet just cause it aint pointed out to you in a mission cut scene you dont do it when you're just chilling about the city... my god!

by the way if anyone is remotely religious i do apologise for the multiple blasphemus remarks

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-Lack of bikes

-Lack of flyable helicopters

-Claude didn't speak

-Weak car physic (explodes after a short number of bullets)

-No swimming

-Buildings cannot be entered

-Small amount of weapons

-Nothing can be bought with your money aside from weapons

-Very dark city, gets on my nerves

-Unrealistic attacks when shoot at your car and driving (it's like an effect on the screen when a bullet is fired at your car and misses, a strike always shows up.)

-Map can't be seen on the menu

The game is a big classic for it's time and one of the best GTA's but it had a bit too much of lacking stuff.

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They weren't faults. Think, in 2001, the features II had were unprecendented. Now we have RAGE, HD and all that, bitches take that for granted and don't realise how awesomely groundbreaking II was in the day.

hence the word "flaws" in quote marks :P

but yeah, some of things are really pernickerty guys, the one real bitch i have about III is the ambulances, they handled like shit on ice...

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the gangs didnt piss me off so much... i dont get everyone's problem...

They are annoying because you can't go anywhere without being attacked by a bunch of idiots.

There's barely anywhere to visit as the following places are guarded by a big number of pissed off gangsters:

Saint Mark's


Hepburn Heights


Fort Staunton

Cedar Grove

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GTA III was a huge breakthrough from GTA 2, it was just an incredible game with an amazing storyline. So therfore I have no dislikes or complains, besides that fact that I wished I could fly that red plane (thats my fault not GTA III :) ). Great game!

Also the mafia up near Saint Marks Bistro pissed me off with there shotguns- no complains. It was just a difficult area.

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