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What did you dislike about GTA 3?

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Its been about 4 years since I have played GTA3 but:

The things I disliked about GTA3 were

- Not able to swim in the water

- The shotguns the Mafia has were far too powerful and they could kill you very easily (I nearly broke the disk in half at one point due to frustration of them keep blowing you up when in a vehicle or pin you down with their shotgun fire :pissedred::rofl2:)

- There were no Helicopters or bikes :(

- Army could kill you with the M16 in milliseconds :angry:

- The vehicle phisics were annoying and unrealistic (i.e - If you had a 2 star wanted level and driving a heavy vehicle such as a Barracks OL, Firetruck, Flatbed, Trashmaster etc and and a cop car rammed you head on - you would bounce off the cop car and not vice-versa unless you release the X button just before the impact :rolleyes:)

- Peds in cars try to run you over or attack you if they are foot when you blow up a car with the rocket launcher

- Gang cars attempt to run you over when try to jack one

With all those pointed out I am sure Rockstar was trying to give the gamer a jolly hard time and make the game as frustrating as possible which is why I don't bother with this game anymore. Another I don't like is that Claude does not talk and is very strangely quiet.

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the gangs were really annoying after a while especially the mafia since i didn't beat the R3 missions on portland before i killed salvatore

Yeah, same things here, everytime I went to Portland, I couldn't even get a wanted level before getting shot at by the Mafia with shotguns and then my car exploding leading to my death.

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-Cant swim

-Cant talk

-Cant go inside

-I have the sound, but the radios don't work

-No bikes

-No planes

-F**ked up justice system

-The mafia

-VC gangs are weak, but GTA3 gangs are tough cookies.

-No actually cool cheats

Thats about it

Theres more I HATE VC things, so i have more to rant about of VC instead of GTA3

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I Didnt Have A Map ( As On Main Menu )

I Dunno Y

( On Gta 3 )

BTW Corse There Are Gonna Be Bad Things On GTA 3

When GTA 4 Comes Out, U Are Gonna Think San Andreas Should Of Had That

They All Get Better Untill Theres Nothing Left To Improve GTA

So All U Think That Its Gonna Be The Best From GTA 1? And Be The Worst GTA, Like On The 7th GTA

Another Words Im Saying Its Gonna Start The Best And End The Worst?

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