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The GTA Place Re-Designed!


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Welcome to the new GTA Place everybody! We hope you like it. I think it's long overdue but it looks a whole lot better in my opinion.

Dennis has been working on it for some time now and since yesterday I have been coding all the HTML and CSS for it, then placing it within our PHP scripts. There maybe a few minor bugs in places so just tell us if you find one and we'll fix it as soon as possible. We are aware of the small bug in our news script - that is being worked on.

If you are not seeing everything correctly, i.e old logos or parts of the old stylesheets press CTRL + F5 to hard refresh your browser, this should hopefully grab all the latest files. If not you will need to clear out your Cache and possibly your Temporary Internet Files too.

Please note that we will have different colour schemes for each section of the site soon, we are currently testing them.

Both Dennis and I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer, plus any suggestions you may have. So please comment on this news post or send us Feedback.

We have also upgraded our forums to the latest version of Invision Power Board, that is IPB2. This offers a wealth of new, exciting features that provide a better overall experience when browsing the forums. We are currently awaiting a new skin for the forums too. If you're not yet a member on our forums you will need to Register which is entirely free of charge (of course) and literally only takes a minute or so to complete.

Enjoy the new site, we'll also be having more content added soon!

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