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MGS4, I'm on the start of Act 3 now I think -

Don't read ahead if you don't want to know about the story. There's no real spoilers, but even so, I'm sure you want to discover this things for yourselves.

I've just met Big Mama, who's Snakes mum. There were a few long cut-scenes, which I skipped and will have to re-watch today, and after that, Snake and Big Mama were escaping on a motorbike along with some other people, from the Gekkos. I've also beaten the first boss, both incarnations, the 2nd of which was just weird, typical Kojima. And Snake has been told by Naomi he has 3 months to live. A few other pointers, the Middle East section was the first Act, then you're in a jungle for the 2nd, very much like MGS3, then Europe, for the end of Act 2. The Europe section is really quite cool, I won't reveal anything. I can't wait to get back to it TBH, it's easily as good as GTA4, without as much hype.

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MGS4, completed it, now. Watching credits. This ending made me cry and I haven't stopped crying yet.

EDIT: No, what was above was not the end, I completed watching the end now, still makes me cry. But I'm happy to say, to all MGS fans, this is the ending we, the fans deserve. And this is the best game. ever made.

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^ Yep, I finished the game today too, and I felt like crying for hours. It's simply the best game I've played in the last 10 years, easily beating GTA4, all the other GTA games, and almost every other game out over that period.

MAJOR SPOILERS! Don't read if you don't want to know significant plot details...

There were so many plot twists and turns I found it hard to keep up. Even though I've finished it, tonight I'll be briefly going through all the previous games again, including the original 2 Metal Gears, via the MGS3 Subsistence package. I was astonished when the name of Big Boss appeared in the credits. I was wondering, where on earth was he? I didn't see him anywhere. And then. Snake is standing in the graveyard, when Big Boss appears behind him. Not long after that, Zero (!) from MGS3 came into shot. I found it quite remarkable he was still alive, TBH. When Raiden stopped the Outer Haven ship from crushing Snake, that surprised me as well, and even more so after when he didn't die from it. When he wasn't a robot any more, when Snake was desperately crawling on the floor through the microwave-infested chamber leading to the GW, or JD program, I forget which, when Big Mama, and Naomi, and Vamp all died, and that final hand-to-hand fight aboard the Outer Haven, with the classic life bars from MGS1, and music playing in the background from MGS1, 2 and 3, it was a feeling no other videogame has matched so far.

BTW, I'm a little irritated at all the install times. Since I've restarted the game, you still have to install. I hope this doesn't keep on taking up space you can't get back, otherwise it's a massive oversight on Kojimas behalf. And what's this about a white room I heard? It apparently contains 1 or 2 huge surprises, but I never came across it...

I'll be playing the first 2 Metal Gears shortly.

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