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Stand Up For Your Country!


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Why: Cause then we wont need to do our own conversation mods. :mellow:

And we are the best hockey team in the world. :worship:

Oh please. USA and Canada, FTW. Even though I don't live in Canada.

Austaralia doesnt have good cityies by the way they are not grand theft automaterial

have u even been to australia?

You bumped an old topic for no good reason.

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I wouldn't mind seeing a GTA in a far-east setting. With cities similar to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul, ext.

Hong Kong has alot of Chinese mob problems and problems pertaining to corrupt businessmen. In Tokyo, you have the Yakuza. In Beijing, you could have Corrupt High ranking PLA or CCP officials, In Seoul, you could have North Korean agents.

In my opinion, Asian styled cities would probably be a really good choice the next GTA if we wanted something other than Americana.

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There's already been a GTA set where I live. I live South Florida. :D I wish it would've be as realistic as SA though. I dont think there were any buldings in VC that were actually in South Florida. Like the pointy building in San Feiro that's based on the real one in San Francisco. But at least the musc was kick ass (the best music of all GTA"s IMO).

Speaking of realism, there should've been Hurricanes in VC and Earthquakes in SA. That would've been awsome! How can you name a game after a fault line and not have earthquakes in it anyway?

Hey how about GTA in space? Nah, that would be like a bad movie sequel.

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What has olympics got to do with being the country the next GTA is held in...


Country: England

Reasons: Amazing arcitecture, a country full of different ethnic groups, many gangs/cars/crime.

yeah i dont get it why do people say ooo our country hosted the olympic games ooo we hosted the commonwealth games our country should be held cus we hosted the olympic games if that has anything to do with it host it in greece

i'm not tellin the country but reasons high drug abuse (right now there are drug dealers outside) many gangs and kids doin joyrides id say that enuf crime

I agree. the thing is i live in scotland. should i say edinburgh being the capital of scotland or london bein the cap. of great britain. or maybe 2 or 3 cities like san andreas with like a london themed on an edinburgh themed one and a manchester or somewhere themed one???

oh and my reason is because of the architecture, the drugs and gangs (the glasgow neds), and the cultures and minorities :dribble: whadda u think? :dribble::thumbsup:

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oh and because a lot of us are addicted to drugs... :rolleyes: lol not me

and we have some great cities- edinburgh, glasgow (druggy capital, gang place), london, manchester, birmingham, bristol (gays), aberdeen, the county of kent if weare gonna have a posh area.

and like san andreas with the rural areas i think it would be good to see some scottish mountains and lochs (imagine winter, snow snow snow snow snow that would be a twist :clapping: !), aswell as the farms and countryside in england. OH AND WE HAVE PALM TREES IN THE NORTH OF SCOTLAND! also imagine if you had loch ness... :thumbsup: and someone got eaten by the monster...

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If GTA IV is going to be based in any European country, it should be Germany. Germany has cities that are unique from one another just as the three cities off of SA were much different from eachother, also you have the autobahn and a beautiful countryside and hilly/mountainous areas in Southern Germany (which would make a good place for dirt biking and off-roading.)

Germany is the only European setting I would like. Britain is too boring in my opinion and besides, Germany or perhaps all of central Europe (Germany, Neitherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Poland) would be something new.

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Reason: THE OUTBACK, and you could travel to citys and stuff, like Melbourne. I live in Oz and from my experience, it is GTA material.

You probably all see Oz as like all outback and stuff but its not, theres tons of gangs over here.

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manila Philippines!


Because there is GLITZ and GLAMOUR and there is DARK SIDE povery, crime

CRIMES here are..

Frome small time.. pickpockets, snatchers, robbers, extortionist, pimps

drug pushing, theft, sidemirror gangs etc etc

to BIG TIME syndicates protected by Big Politicians

like Smugglers of drugs and electronics from Hongkong and china...Gun smuggling

Drug Factories, Bank robberies, gun running NAme it we have it!!!

from small time Streetgangsters living in the manila slums

To big Time MObs and Politicians living in plush Mansions!


The famous Sunset at MAnila BAY


one of the ghetto's of MAnila where Poverty is everywhere


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