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2006 Award Category Suggestions


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Ok, so for the forum awards this year we're looking for a wide array of categories members can be nominated. So here's a list, if you can think of any others... general awards, gta related awards, funny awards...

Most Respected Member - who makes quality posts and is looked up to the most

Most Helpful Member - who answers the most topics with useful replies (gta and non-gta forums)

Most Improved Member - who used to be a n00b but is a good member now

Best New Member - who joined within the last few months and is awesome

Funniest Member - who posts the funniest comments (gta and non-gta forums)

Brainiest Member - who knows the most about GTA

Best Signature - who has the best custom signature

Best Gang - which gang impresses the most

Best Moderator - which mod has done the most work

Weirdest Looks - who looks the weird in their photo

Most Annoying - who's the most annoying member

So that's 11, or 12 including sexiest member. Your ideas please :)

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I dont think gangs should be included since the system isnt even running yet. Even if that happened soon it would be a mad dash and not show any real detail or quality. Save that for next time methinks, or even just award it to the winner of the first gang war.

I also don't think "most annoying" would be good. I do see the point of giving funny non-awards (our plays had 'best food' and 'longest speech in a rehearsal' awards) but do we really want to encourage members to be annoying, or pseudo-reward those who win?

If you were going to do some stupid awards, I think they should be decided on the day by the staff rather than voted on, since they shouldn't be taken too seriously and should be just something fun to warm the audience up.

Best sig is good, although that perhaps should run as a separate competition in Creativity and have it announced in this ceremony.

So yeah I think what I'm trying to say is that some of the bigger awards there should run as separate competitions, with the winners announced at this ceremony. Its boring if we're voting in a topic and can see who's won really early on, so a custom voting system should be good.

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I looked at ArturKim's sig and thought, how about one for "Biggest Userbar whore". or "Most Sig Image Abuse Award" or something.

Spaz's suggestion was good too.

Lol, I know it's a lot but after I got one I couldn't stop lol. I'll probably take off a few that I don't really need plus I don't know how to use photoshop and all that stuff to make my "own" sig. By the way I saw someone with only one userbar but it kept changing to different ones, can someone tell me how to do that?

Edit: took two of em out.

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