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Favorite Radio Station(s)


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Yeah, I like the music on K-DST. I really like to listen to that if I'm in places like Tierra Robada or flying a helicopter or something. I'm not sure why, though.

Here are someof my opinions on other radio stations.

K-Rose actually has some great and very boring music. The song "My Exes Live In Texas" really got me saying that a lot and I love listening to that. I also like One Step Forward because it's a loud song but most of the other songs, I barely like or listen to.

Radio X is really the sh*t. Welcome To The Jungle really got me hooked me to the station and those songs really make me want to play the game.

Radio Los Santos, IMO, has the best Hip Hop and I like to listen to this while in Los Santos or Las Venturas.

Those are really the radio stations I listen to the post. Master Sounds 98.3 I really don't listen to. Playback FM I usually forget about so I'll really have to listen to that more and I really need to listed to Bounce FM more, too. I'm just hooked to Radio X and Radio Los Santos, though.

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