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Favorite Weapon


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nobody said something bout the "silenced ingram" or "mac" (i cant remember) it was like an uzi!! but u can walk and kill with it!! :thumbsup:

the minigun is too heavy... but since i used "fire & run" & "weapon shop" all my weapon turned one awesome than other :lolbounce:

:cigar: i saw your web page that was great. i find the song f**k a dog funny but its probably sick compared to the rest of us silly old enlish C*N*S.

wats your fave car or bike in the G T A games

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I like:

Colt Python-It looks awesome and it is the perfect killer weapon, one shit kill!

Spaz Shotgun-It just keeps firing and firing until it kills every person in the city!

M4-It is one of my favourite guns to use in every game (if it is available) but the bad thing was you didn't have auto-aim and you couldn't walk and shoot.

M60-Awesome, powerful gun that can destroy vehicles fast and people faster!

Minigun-The king of guns that can kill a car in less then a second and is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction!

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Oh great! u found it! lol fool

anyway the minigun gots untold powers. hunter or tank. cant deside. chainsaw rocket launcher remote grenades lazer sniper machete and flame thrower. though i wish the flames stayed on the ground and burned like in SA

It is LCS that I would like to locate the colt python on, not vice city, the clot python is easy to find on VC ;) Fool

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My Favorite Weapons:

Colt Python - You can run with it and it can kill pretty damn fast


Colt M4 - I just think its a bad ass gun


PSG-1 - I always had fun with it, going on top of buildings and sniping people...too bad they dont have it on VC-MP....there would be too many pussies anyways on there crying cause they didnt know what hit them.


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