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What pisses you off?


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Bad grammar and spelling pisses me off sometimes. I mean, I do expect to see it sometimes as everyone makes mistakes, but I absoulutely detest this new age of 'Internet Speak' used on MSN, texting and so on. It is slowly ruining the English language as we know it, and as it makes its way into other languages, it eats away at them too.

I couldn't agree with you more.

And Raymond, that's no way to speak about your mother.

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what pisses me is the damn Malay who bully me :pissed::pissedred:

anyhow im really wanted to take them down!

Arnt you malaysian too?? anyway if they are bullying you then you should do something about it, stand up to them or tell your parents. Constantly whinging about it on these forums wont help

ontopic: heres what pisses me off

Arrogant/impolite people

Little kids that think they know everything

Pop music

People that own 4x4s in a city (why do they need one??)


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greedy rich people

Their money didn't just fall into their lap. They've worked extreemly hard to get the to position they are. Most at least. Don't count artists and stuff.

They've got all right to the money they've worked for. You can't forse them to give it to charity.

I find it slightly annoying when people think that the succesful ones among us have just gotten it by birth.

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