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What pisses you off?


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Finance companies, they are agents of Satan.

In the beginning of December I had to chose between making a car payment & giving my kids Christmas. This was after I

had a few speculations (buy/fix/sell old cars) fall through at the last minute (got stuck w/ 4) & my state contracting deal

rolled over into a new office, holding up my paycheck for a few weeks. At least they picked it up the the day after instead

of on Christmas day.

The same day the finance company sent me the re-reinstatement contract, they sent my 'Stang to an auction house in

another state. Spent 2 hours on the phone trying to track down my car through 4 different companies & ended up paying

a chunk, but after saying things like "state attorney general" & "acting in bad faith" (sending the car to auction AFTER they

agreed to accept payment & return the car) they decided to be reasonable. I also had the name of the (insert bad insults

here) handling the repo & her direct phone number, information she didn't want included in a lawsuit if the car wasn't

returned upon payment.

But the 'Stang is back in it's spot in front of the house, just on time for snow. :pissedred:

How's your day?

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Old music...

*enjoys listening to 'Smells like teen spirit'* ;)

that wouldnt happen to be one of your mock GCSEs would it? i really hated them, they are totaly pointless

Nope. We don't have those here either. Well actually we do. Just another name. But we're still just get normal exams. I'll get those GCSE's in 3 years time.

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I'm really pissed off.

There's this place in school, it's called Neptune, it's a place for autistic people to go when they're having trouble. Now, a couple of idiots who go in there, they have their shit music playing full blast on their phones, songs such as, Crank that Soulja Boy or some shit like that. I told them nicely to turn it off because I have a headache. They just took the complete piss and put it back on. Then I told them to turn it off before I make them turn it off. They still took the piss, so I grabbed a board rubber, then chucked it at the cunts head. Then I had to leave, because it was fucked up, then I was outside, with no friends. Meh, it's not really fair, because I go there, to get away from trouble, and have a little peace inbetween the day.

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