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What pisses you off?


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I loled when Spider Vice messed with TEC the second time... Lol...

Para ti lê isto SPIDER VICE... Não podes insultar o TEC assim... O gajo acaba contigo com o seu flaming... Meu, devias ouvir quem te critica aqui, eles podem te ajudar a ser menos nooby... Sim, es bastante nooby...

Just some advice for Spider Vice...

Um the fact itunes has no Metallica at all pisses me off...

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The itunes program in general pisses me off. They put so much pointless shit in it. The stupid sub bits, recently added, recently played, top 25 most played. Why the fuck do i need to know which songs i play the most, or which songs i recently added? Also, what is with the whole "my rating" thing. does Apple really think we are so stupid that we need to be reminded by our ipod which songs we like? But the thing that really drives me to murders is when not thinking i plug my ipod into my friends pc to charge it, his fucking itunes pops up and automatically replaces all my great music, with shit.

Its so stupid.

Edited by Sean.
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