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What pisses you off?


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Things that Piss me off, Well where going to be here for a while:

Here goes:

Jack Thompson

The Stupid Percentage of the Human race (which is abut 60%)

Getting hurt

Not having super powers

Having no money

EA (when they produce games that are the same as there sequels with slight alts)


Scienctology (cults in general)

Uglies that have a crash on me

Rubbish Computers

Having no good games for my ps3



When games delay over and over agian

Small Kids that wont shut up

When you have just come out of a cinema and your frds says Hey remember that bit when.......

The Morning

The increasing price of everything!

Retarded Tv shows (like big brother and the american teenage sit coms on disney, oh and american cartoons)

Political Correctness ( god i have a passinate hatred for these people)

Stupidly Strict Health and Safety

Insurance and banking AD on TV


Small Yappy dogs

Jellyfish (i have an automatic reaction of throwing rocks at them)

Things that are gonna kill me

Fear Jornolism (where they list these that are gonna kill us and envoke fear of thros things)

The new world order


When you put your heart into something, then fail on the tinies deatils ever.

Not being able to play GTA 4 and MGS 4 now

Being bored

Drunk People

rap music

Horror Movies

Work that isnt fun

being tired

Being Hungry

Umm, that all i can think of in my sleep depeived state.

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I can't find the god damned remote to open the garage door with.. My dad's mad about that. I must have placed in some awkward place, but I just can't remember where...

If I don't find it, my dad won't reimburse some money for my PC..

The amount he was going to give me being 1875 USD, I better find that stupid thing quick. But... I don't just can't find it!

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Cant you just open the garage door with good old fashioned manual labour?

It depends on the garage door opener, some of them don't have a manual release & are heavily sprung.

Here's on for you guys.

Last weekend I got a X360 Elite to replace my old X360 that the rent-to-own lost when I got the red ring of death. Nice

upgrade for free, that's actually a good part & I'm not pissed about them losing my box as this one is new production &

has the cooling system upgrades built in, so no more RROD.

I spent all day Monday moving GF's mom from the next city to a 3rd floor walk-up across the street from us. Her roommate

suddenly decided she had to leave & refused to tell her why & we had to scramble to find a decent place she could afford.

To top it off all of her furniture was made back in the '60s & weighs a ton.

Her mom's cool & we get along. Didn't use as much gas a I expected. Now GF can see her mom all the time & no 120 mile

round trip. I won't miss the roommate as she just sits around & chain smokes. Had help moving stuff.

So where's the bad part?

By the time I was done, my arms were on fire & Mamma Kitty found The Godfather for X360 which was waiting for me

when I got done. :bashhead::pissed::pissedred:

I've been waiting for that game.

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The annoying people in my class (who are basically my friends) who talk when I'm trying to do my work to reduce homework--- and they don't shut-up, even when I speak up and tell 'em to shut-up.

I'm sorry I have to say that.

Lol i am one of those kinda people that piss you off. I talk to my friends during class and make nerds do my homework... I also talk to people during the lesson and they get trouble because of my talking lol. Im an asshole, a proud asshole.

What pisses me off: Getting drunk and passing out, waking up next day with puke around you and your friends all gone somewhere and not remembering what happend and then having to pay one of your friends for braking something and not even remembering what. Then getting house arrest and not being aloud to go out anywhere. Im never going to drink PURE again...

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No not really that, people that act above their age. Like kids acting all gangsta saying they'll neck you even though you're half a meter taller then then :lol:

Yo Il brake your neck b*tch! check my age and by the way im 4.4 feet tall! GGG G-UNIT!!

You mean that kinda stuff LOL? I also hate it. But i am seriously 1, i was born on February 11th 2007.

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The annoying people in my class (who are basically my friends) who talk when I'm trying to do my work to reduce homework--- and they don't shut-up, even when I speak up and tell 'em to shut-up.

I'm sorry I have to say that.

I agree with you, some people just don't shut the f**king f**k up, it annoys me. :pissedred::pissedred::pissedred:

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