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What pisses you off?


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My TV aerial, it electrocutes me, every FRWAKIN time

Stupid N64 save pak, it won't work. BASTARD controller

The ever increasing pile of crap in my room.

Pencil sharpeners that don't even work...wtf?

My non-working low fuel light.

My stuid untrustworthy parents

The fact my graphics card is sht and i have no money to replace it.

The fact i can't find a job.

Stupid analogue contrioller for my PC, it's stuck goin forwards.

My Digicam, it says it works as a webcam, but wont.

Ther fact My GF burned mw with a hot spoon.

Poor quality headphones.

Rulers. They snap too easy

Valve highlighters... hey don't EVEN work.

Tye fact my cat has developed a thing for sleeping in my wardrobe ,condemning me tio a life of furry - clothesness

The fact my mouse will click, scroll, selcet, use customised buttons, but not move. AAAARRRGGGHHH

Smelly people

People with bad breath (^)

Being tired

Being woken up in the morning

Religion. Shoulda died when we stopped living in huts.

And thus, Evangelists, especially TV evangelists.

Single women with 1 or 2 chldren who drive BIG ASS 4x4s.

Hot glasses, when they come out the dishwasher.

Being too hot.

Melty Chocolate (not melted, melty)

Being too cold.

Cold showers

Hot showers that go cold.

Illegeal immigrants.

People who randomly call your house, and yopu're like 'wtf do i care? i cant understand what you;'re saying, why dont these pricks employnpeople who can speak english'

Will add more as the inspiration flows....

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My wireless adapter.

The fact that no one will let you play with them on Crackdown.


Abundant amounts of ignorance.

Families with more than five children.

Running out of Hot Cheetos and Hot Pockets.


Jack Thompson.

Hilary Clinton.

Politics, in general.

Anyone under the age of 12.

GTA Gaming.

GTA Forums.

Sticky controllers.

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People who start blaming the fact I'm American when they start to lose.

Standbyers on Saints Row.

People who keep bitching about all of the glitches online with Saints Row.

Don Imus.

Nappy-headed hos.

The fact that hip-hop was blamed for what Don Imus did.

Other people who think violent video games are "murder simulators".

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People bitching about illegal immigrants.

Rhino Games.

Every Walmart employee.

The fact I've spent more than $200 on Sims 2 EPs.


Anti-abortion organizations.

Crappy graffiti.


Family and Child Development.

Honors' Intermediate Algebra.

Armake21 haters.


The frusterating difficulty of the Volk and Shai-Gen.


This fuckin' wordfilter.

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Being drunk one night, then waking up one hour later with your own drool down the side of your face, only to be sick in the bath and over your arm, and having to evacuate the bath for the comparitvely unconfortable floor as a result. /rant.

^ what happened at the week-end

Oh, and Crappy prizes in slot machines...

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